Honeyberry growing as a single leader

I purchased some boreal series honeyberries last fall. 2/3 of them really bushed out. The third one pictured below is growing very well but its growing as a single leader. I much prefer the bush form, any ideas how to prune it in order to force it to bush out or will this happen eventually on its own?


Honeyberry bushes will send up shoots from the base when it is ready to.


If it doesn’t send up more shoots this summer cut it close to the ground in the fall and then it should send up multiple shoots in the spring.


You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Of all the haskaps borealis puts out ridiculous amounts of foliage. It is the only haskap that I don’t need to net because not even the Robins can find the fruit in that mess of leaves. Let it be, it will soon enough go all over the place.

Thank you! But there may have been a small miscommunication. My honeyberries are the boreal series (beast, beauty and blizzard), not borealis. But this makes me want to get a borealis as well!

If you are looking for an ornamental bush that will not bother you with much of a crop and force you to work for what little is there it would certainly work…

I keep mine because I propagate and sell them and they make better specimen plants than berry producers. Some people are actually just looking for a pretty bush.

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