Honeycrisp Apple


Are theses typically late to wake up in the spring as compared to other varieties ? I have about 30 varieties and all are waking up except the Honeycrisp…but appears to be green if I scratch the bark…


My Honey Crisp does wake up later than other varieties I have but within about 7-10 days. It is not so noticeably late to cause any concern. It flowers later, too. It is flowering now when almost every other varieties are at petal fall.


My single HC tree wakes up late, but I think it is due to our warmer winters. The tree likes a certain amount of chilling which it doesn’t get here. In past years the HC has been several weeks behind my other two apples, not leafing out until June! This year it began to leaf out a week ago and is starting to produce blooms, so it has a new lease on life.


After about ten years you should get some Honeycrisp apples. Mine finally did!


Thanks for the replies…it does seem strange as all my plums are in full bloom…my apples are all leafed out and several are blooming…but HC hasn’t even swelled it’s buds but is green if I scratch it. I think I will try a pruning, that may wake it up. The only apples that haven’t leafed out are the ones I planted a month ago and even they are swelling buds. If this is normal for HC that’s OK then,but I would say it is more like 3 weeks behind…on average, I just haven’t noticed or made note of that before. I only have the one HC and it is not very vigorous…it could use a pruning anyway to thicken up the branches.


A firm upper lip helps with HC.


My question is will there be any blooming apples around when your HC gets around to flower? It is not self fertile.


I did firm my upper lip…then I yanked it out of the ground…it appeared to be dead at closer look…maybe not down at soil level…but it did poorly for a few years and I definitely should not have been able to yank it out with my bare hands…so it really wasn’t doing well.Never liked where I had it situated anyway.



Are you going to plant another HC?


I may…it’s not at the top of my list of add ons for now