HONEYCRISP: Cataloging the children of this apple

Honeycrisp has been around a couple dozen years, and available for sale at roadside markets or specialty stores for over 15 years. It’s in the top 10 for sure in apple sales in the USA. But, ‘she’s’ having kids! (And grandkids!) Anyone have named varieties to add to this list?

Snap Dragon
EverCrisp (HC x Fuji)
Cosmic Crisp (HC x Enterprise)
Rave (HC x MonArk)
Triumph (HC x Liberty)
Kudos (just released by U of MN)


SweeTango (Honeycrisp x Zestar)
Rave (Honeycrisp x MonArk)


Lucy glo and Lucy rose.
Both are selections from honeycrisp x airlie red


Actually, I see (after the fact) there is the Honeycrisp offspring topic from 4 years ago already in existence…but it had gotten burried and inactive.

From it, I pulled up the Stark Bros. introductions of Honeycrisp seedlings of:

Scarlet Crush and
Ruby Darling

wild twist — HC x Pink Lady, also.

Stark Hart’s Fancy (HC x Gala)
Stark RED ROMANCE (HC x Gala)

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Kudos (Honeycrisp X Minnewashta (known as Zestar®)), making it a sister to SweeTango apple


KinderKrisp Apple | Knowledgebase | Johnson’s Nursery (jniplants.com)

Some interesting comments/updates from this apple grower/seller re:KinderKrisp. I’ve got one branch of KK grafted to a Frankentree, I probably need to get a full tree grafted.
KinderKrisp Apple Tree (Newest!!! Variety) - The Apple Tree Guy

More Honeycrisp offspring Fairhaven Farm - FAIRHAVEN FARM (fairhaven-farm.com)


Thanks for posting the Fairhaven Farm varieties! I’d heard of Kinder Krisp, but didn’t
have it’s parents.

KinderKrisp (HC x ?)
Crabby Crisp (HC x ? crab)
INTENSITY (HC x Haralson)
Shizam (HC x Shizuka) no acid

And his other couple introductions evidently don’t have HC in their genetics.

I am sure there are a lot of HoneyCrisp offspring still to be announced out there.