Horticultural oil maximum temps?

Hello, I planned to spray hort oil and fungicide today. My apples are at half-inch green to tight cluster.
I am in zone 6a Michigan. It is going to be 80 degrees out today and tomorrow. Is it too hot to spray?

Perfect. Has to be into the 90’s to cause damage. Doesn’t the label say? Having just read my Purespray label I guess it doesn’t. It isn’t about a precise temp, damage can be the result of water stress in the trees or high humidity combined with temps. https://extension.tennessee.edu/mtnpi/Documents/handouts/Insect%20and%20Disease%20Control/Horticultural_Oil_Handout.pdf

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Thanks very much for the help Alan. My label does not say maximum temp.
Hope you have a great day.

Thanks. I’ll spray to.