Hot Callus Pipe DIY


I know you’re using bareroot so I’ll answer to that. You can group them and stuff them in rubbermaids. I can get 50 of those larger Missouri State pecan/walnut seedlings in a tub.

And depends on the climate of course but you can take them to a garage in a tub. If you’re in zone 4 or 5 you need to make sure the roots don’t freeze like an ice cube would be the only concern I could think of. I don’t like to winterize in my zone 5b garage because it’s really cold in there all winter. You know if you had 5-gallon rooted figs or trees or other I wouldn’t be concerned, but, non-rooted bareroot seedlings aren’t going to be as hardy.

Of course refrigeration would work great. That’s how nurseries hold bareroot seedlings all winter for us.



I guess I can make room in the beer fridge😢 My garage stays pretty cool until late February early March and the it starts to stay on the warm side. Thanks for taking time to answer my questions.


Can this be used for grafting persimmons or peaches? I’ve heard that outside temperatures need to be 70F or higher and rootstock must be well leafed out for persimmon/peach grafts to take. Is that necessary if you are using this approach?


It’s ideal ramv. Exactly what you want to be using for persimmons and peaches.

I should clarify that it’s great for easy stuff or finicky stuff.



Found heating element and cable on ebay with various sizes for sale. I ordered a 4 foot cable to try it out.


That’s a great deal. Same exact unit as mine except you paid 4 bucks less.

I have new information. It hit me today about chip budding. So I asked Tom Wahl at Red Fern Farm:

Is there any chance a chip bud could break before/while callusing?

It depends on the time of year. If you do it in the fall it won’t break. If you do it now, it will break and start growing as it is callusing.

I’ve chipped in a lot of stuff. I’ll have to pay attention now.



One more update since emails bounce bark and forth. I’m quite relieved.

Tom Wahl wrote:

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if buds break and start growing as they are callusing. It usually works out OK.