Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?

Those look great. Any favorites?

Not yet. Not yet brave enough to try fresh ones. I plan on dry them using the powder form.

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My hot peppers this year.


I can taste the spicy green curry!

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Tippy , look great, save some seeds for me

Which one or all?

The Aji is very cute but very hot.

How hot are your PriK Chee Faa and how will you use them? I have some growing and was thinking of slicing them in little rings and picking in vinegar, but I tried some green and there was hardly any heat.

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Few seeds each, please. BTW aji usually is red, your is gold color. Does it taste different than the red one?

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Prik Chee Faa is only a little spicy esp if you don’t chew on the seeds. They are spicier when they turn red. We use it to add a little spiciness to a dish.

The chili we use for spiciness is Bird chilis.

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My husband said they are many varieties of Aji chilis. Mine happens to be little cute yellow/orange button. I never try the red one so I cannot com comoare.

Will send you as requested.

Tippy, thanks a lot. It is still many months to the spring, No hurry.

Pod piper, do you know the name of this Aji pepper. It’s one of your seed collection a few years ago that you send me. Most are hot so is this one.
I like hot food but the peppers that put groves in my stomach inner liner got to pass. I sure like the write up about Rehza peppers, like to grow that one if I can find seeds. Catalogs don’t show.

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I would love to know @thepodpiper was very generous with me, too.

Hope he will stop by to let us know.

I will send you some ripe ones in a couple of week. If I were to keep them till Feb, I would not remember where I put them :confounded:

@aap @mamuang , I believe that one is Aji Francos.


Hot sauce time?


Depends on how many more on the plant

This was my first year growing Aleppo peppers. A few in some containers. Decent crop. I dehydrated a few trays leaving them whole. I also tried pickling some whole. I just tried one today and it was incredibly delicious. Wonderful flavor and a good amount of heat.


I made some fermented hot sauce from a blend of cayenne, Jaluvan Attitude, and an unnamed Nepali variety, plus a couple dried guajillos. It yielded two full bottles, plus a jar of chile paste. I blended a little soy sauce into one of the bottles for a savory note.


I’ve been using these now and I think they turned out quite well. I really like the hot sauce, but the paste was the surprise star. Imagine Tabasco sauce as a spread with the granularity of chile flakes, and you get the idea. I’ve been putting it on many things to great effect.

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