Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?

Why don’t you write a thick book about sauces, I,ll buy one! Have any of you ever tried, Tears of the Sun, hot sauce? Can buy on the Internet.

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Ha! It’d be about half a page thick! I appreciate the vote of confidence, though.

Anyone try from these yet? I’ve been considering ordering the 7 pot bubblegum red.

I’ve never had much luck with the bubblegum peppers. Neat looking though!


Here are a few of my 7-pot bubblegum peppers from this year. I can’t really comment on flavor, since I enjoy growing super hots but pretty much give them all away since they are well beyond my heat threshold. Cool looking though with their red/pink calyx. They weren’t as productive as most of the other varieties, but they were shaded by some other larger plants and at the edge of a rain garden so had different conditions.

If you want to PM me your address I can send you some seeds from these, but they weren’t isolated so there is a chance of cross-pollination. That said, everything around them was also a super hot, so even if they happened to have crossed they won’t disappoint Scoville-wise.


Yesterday, 11/20/21, I got tired of keeping my outdoor Bird pepper and Prik Chee Faa alive. I picked the peppers and got rid of the plants.

I used to keep several pepper plants indoors. I gave up because I was tired of fighting fungus gnats and scales. Also, we did not have many sunny windows.


I just ground up my cayennes which had finished drying awhile back:

This particular variety was extremely happy in my hot and humid climate, it produced as many peppers as all my other pepper plants combined and was going like crazy right up to the frost. I have the name somewhere but don’t recall it now. @thepodpiper sent me many pepper seeds in trade maybe five years ago and every year I grow a few different ones for fun. I am surprised how many pepper seeds are still good after so many years.


Did not grow any this year. The habenero were plenty for me for awhile Growing the infamous Habanero! Salsa Garden! . Next ones I grow will be Thai hot ornamentals🔥. The pictures below are not mine.

Thai Hot Ornamental Pepper: High Heat, Beautiful Color
The red ones are the only ones I’ve grown and they are good. There is a type now that I’m not familiar with shown below. I found this picture when I was searching for seeds for the Thai hot above.

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How did you dry them? In a dehydrator? I lost a lot of fresh peppers because I left them in a fridge and forgot about them. Should have dried them instead.

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It was inaction action… they dried sitting on the kitchen counter. I noticed with some early ones that they dried nicely that way.

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That’s nice I should have done that instead of putting them in the fridge and they ended up rotting.

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My pequin plant is starting to look appropriately festive!

I’ve been surprised at how well these particular chiles dry right on the plant, even indoors.

@mamuang, I’ve taken to putting any chiles I’m not going to use within a few days straight into the freezer. They keep beautifully and are surprisingly easy to cut up and use just like fresh. I used to have the rotting in the fridge problem, but I’ve replaced it with a more frozen chiles than I’m likely to use in the next year problem!

PS what was the name of the small (pea-sized), round, yellow chiles you grow again? The one I sampled when I visited tasted just like an extremely spicy peach. I think it would make a killer hot sauce.


Got a good supply of hot peppers to grow this coming season, got to get ready for some serious suggestions making super relish from the pro’s.
Best way to grill hot peppers, not very good at it yet. For me, it will be a hot pepper year. Something you could use every day, maybe every other day.
Got seeds from two very generous members. Bought a jar of “ Tears of the Sun” last year, made with some tropical fruits, it disappeared quickly.
Got make sure I stay way under 400 000. Richard said anything over 400 000 is considered “ pain to the brain “ . That poses a big problem, sounds like a lot of trials and errors. Zen dog, Podpiper and others need help.

Trying to germinate some super hot peppers this year. I have them in a wet paper towel inside a ziplock bag. i have seen some germination in 1 of the variety’s but not the other. Any suggestion on how long to expect to see germination in Carolina Reapers? its been 2 weeks and have not seen anything. first time trying to grow them so any tips are appreciated.

Are you keeping them somewhere warm? When I’m germinating pepper seeds in damp paper towels, I take the ziplock bag I have them in and float that in an aquarium where the water is heated to 88 degrees. I usually see all varieties germinating in 2 weeks.

Without added heat, if you are just at around room temperature super hots are notorious for taking a very long time, sometimes over a month.


I have them inside a zip log bag inside a food container onto of a heat mat. I might take the bags out and lay the ziploc bags directly on the heat mat to get the full warmth

Be careful with directly putting seeds on a heat mat. You can actually cook them. If you have more seeds you might consider planting some in pots and putting those on the heating mats. That may keep the temperature more consistent for the seeds. Also, most seeds have an optimal range and too hot can actually slow or stop germination besides potentially cooking them if they get too hot. Not all mats will be too hot, but when I checked the temperature of the surface of mine they are over 105 degrees.

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125 deg will cook them. Best temp is around 85deg.

I just got some KS lemon Star and KS white thai to sprout, will get more going soon.

I was looking for this topic but missed it at first. This is a board link to a pepper house south of here. The guy is really an interesting person to talk with. I considered contract growing for him several years ago. I learned about the “pepper wars” from one of those magazine articles linked on his site a few years back.

One of my now-gone gardening friends, Red Slackjaw, used to grow his pepper plants as ornamentals. He held them overwinter outdoors. He was in a warmer zone south of here, near the Puckerbutt operation.