Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


Good thing you brewed that stuff outside, and hopefully you had the gloves and safety googles on!

We bought a bottle of hot sauce with Scorpion peppers, and a dash is quite potent.

With all the Habaneros we have, I’m thinking of making some sauce with them, along with a few of the 7-pot`s.


@thepodpiper – have you ever encountered a hot pepper named “Poison Arrow”?

My neighbor grew some seeds collected in Peru. They are narrow – about 1/4", and range from 1.5" to 2" long. When ripe the color is what I’d call dusty red.

If you hand pick them w/o gloves and don’t wash off immediately then within 10 minutes or so your hands develop a burning sensation and turn red. One of them in 4 quarts of stew is almost too much.


Hey Subgood, Thanks for the reply. Good to hear from you. Yes with chiles of that kind of heat level outdoors is the only way to go! Otherwise the fumes would run you out of the house coughing and crying. I plan to allow the plants to continue to ripen until the first freeze (which does not appear to be anytime soon) then pick the remainder for one final batch of hot sauce. Trinidad Scorpion has performed beyond my expectations bearing heavily. One note T. S. peppers come on a rather long tough stem. Wound up snipping mine off with scissors. Love to hear about anyone else making homemade hot sauce…what varieties and so forth. Yall savor the burn!!! Randy/GA


Richard…Would love to get my hands on a few of those seeds. Never heard of “Poison Arrow” …it sounds very unique. Im intrigued! Any possibility of obtaining some seeds?? Randy/GA


Me too. I’ve been trying to trace back the source.


Richard, If you do please let me know! Randy/GA


OK, since they are pretty much ripe, I felt I needed to try one of the Bubblegum 7-pot pods. With much trepidation, I cut one off the plant and brought it in to sample it. Here are some pics of the beast:

Notice how the red color bleeds into the calyx, very unusual.

So, then I cut it in half to take a look, glistening with capsaicin oils, and daring me to try it. Just looks of it seems menacing, and the scent is quite pungent-


Alrighty, I have completed my evaluation of the pod. I actually ate all of it, albeit in small slivers, over the course of an hour.

The flavor is nice, not bitter, better tasting than a Habanero. Hard to describe, but kind of flowery? No bubblegum flavor from what I can tell. The flavor is almost immediately replaced by the heat, which is very strong, but in the mouth and throat, not as hot as the White variety. Of course, I strung this out over an hour, so that might diminish the effect a bit. The main issue is that it causes some stomach discomfort, which goes away after lots of water.

Right now, as I’m writing this, my main issue is that my upper lip and cheeks are stinging, like someone smeared the oil on my face, but it is probably coming out of my pores while sweating. Never experienced that before, not awful, but kind of an interesting sensation.

So, I would say based on these experiences, I’d say it’s a formidable pepper. If I had gone full gonzo, and ate the whole thing at once, I might have a different opinion. Or puking my guts out. Or passed out.


Subgood, You are a brave man! The red color bleeding over is quite unusual. Are you planning to process these into hot sauce?? Randy/GA


Brave? Heh, my wife has another word for it. Like I said, I was eating it in little slices over an hour, so that diffused the heat a little bit, and it wasn’t that big, maybe an inch and a half long. Even so, it is probably the hottest pod I’ve ever had. I got a bit of the oil on my fingertips and they were tingling last night. I wore a glove on my left hand while cutting it up, but not my right, so not too smart there.

The oil coming out of my pores causing my face to sting was surprising, never had that happen before, except with the White 7-pot I had last week. Have you or @thepodpiper experienced this?

No, no sauce with these. There are only 7 pods left on the plant, so I may just dehydrate them. Even though I could try a couple in some sauce along with all the Habanero’s we have. The White 7-pot has about 15 pods still ripening, so I could use those as well.



@Richard, I have not heard of that variety. I have very strong doubts as to its existence. I think that it would be impossible to get heat from the outside of the pepper unless it has been cracked or puncured. I also love it when someone tells me that their bell peppers were hot because they planted hot peppers next to them. it happens alot. I talked with a couple other chiliheads about this pepper and none have heard of it. I’m not saying it does not exist just have doubts.


My thought it is/was a local name where they were collected.

After a long search through my photos from 2015, I found this picture of the branch I received:


Richard, Looks quite a bit like several chilies. So am wondering if there is such a thing as Poison Arrow??? Could not find much info on “Poison Arrow” chiles via google. There is a pepper from Peru that i wondered if it possibly could be? Search for “Inca Red Drop” …Reimers Seeds description says only medium heat level?? Probably not but looked interesting anyway. Check it out when you get a sec. Randy/GA


Subgood/Bob, I still say you are a brave man. Please tell your wife a a guy who is a dumb#%^ would have eaten the entire pod at once!!! Do you think this variety is a low yielder? My Trinidad Scorpions are totally LOADED for the second harvest already. The Bubblegum is truly a gorgeous pepper. Any chance you will grow in 2019? Also this might be a good candidate to pot up and overwinter a plant. Plan on trying the Carolina Reaper and Aji Lemon for 2019. A friend of my sons actually gave him a little ‘growing kit’ of the Reaper as a gift so we will see what happens! :hot_face: Randy/GA


That’s the name it came with. I’m trying to figure out what common name(s) it might have. Given its heat I believe it is some cultivar of C. chinense.


Thanks, I think I do it just to say I could do it, you know, some kind of bragging rights, in a masochistic sort of way.

Well, the BBG is a very shy yielder, and not a large plant, but the White variety is maybe twice as big, and has about 15 almost-ripe pods, plus a few smaller unripe ones.

I think both would benefit from being in better soil. Both these and the majority of our tomato plants were in the same plot, and didn’t produce a whole lot, so next year we’ll grow them in our most fertile plot.

I don’t know if I’ll try them next year or not, if I do, I’ll need to save some of the seeds. I have considered potting it up for the winter, but really wouldn’t have anywhere to put it. Since they germinated so well, I think I will just regrow them from seed.

Hah, some friend!


it is 100% not inca red drop, they are a flattened pepper almost same shape as a shelled almond but wider. @Richard, that pic resembles at least a dozen different named thai peppers and one off the top of my head is Thai Prik Nu. the problem with the taxonomy of capsicum is that lots of people are putting names on things they grow in their backyards because someone either gave them a plant they did not know what it was or because it did not look like the picture they saw in a catalog.


I order some seeds from big seed co, that was advise as reliable, through Amazon about 2 weeks ago, might get it by the 9th- 15th It is a Golden Cayenne.
I got my fingers crossed, got a bad feeling.


A marketing name that Bonnie Plants introduced for yellow cayenne. Here’s a specific hybrid:



Richard, you have any experience with this pepper? I,m still looking for a excellent Ajl pepper with medium heat.