How are you using your garlic scapes?


I tried making a pesto with mine last year. It wasn’t great. Does anyone have a good way of using them? Thanks

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I saute garlic scape with meat, pork, or chicken, and it is delicious.


Yup. I used all mine in stir fries last year. They last a long time in the frig. Use them like onions. I’ve never tried them raw, like as scallions. You could put them in casseroles, soups, any place onions would be used.


BTW, how to harvest garlic scapes without damage the stock? Usually after I take thr scapes out, the garlic all lay on the ground. I am wondering if there is better way to do it


I cut them out with my pruners. I’ve heard of pulling them out but I think that either I was doing it wrong, or, the plants didn’t care for that kind of treatment, LOL.


Lacto-fermented garlic scape paste. Doesn’t very good, but it’s awesome. Finely chopped the scapes in the food processor, add salt, and let ferment (I use an airlock but you don’t have to). I use it mostly for garlic bread and salad dressings. Keeps forever.


I do too, Although I find the stalks quite hard, I heard pick early, but usually I don’t look till one day I see them!


i cut them and throw them on the ground… I usually have way more garlic then what i need… One thing i have learned from growing garlic…never let them flower and set seed…you’ll have garlics growing everywhere for years to come. I’m just now getting them back under control…but i still find garlic popping up here and there.


I marinate them in citric acid or raspberry vinegar with dill, hot pepper and currant leaves. The key is to pick them when they are very young and process immediately. When you open it in winter, garlic and spices aroma is wonderful! They are especially good after shot of vodka! (Though, it is Russian thing :grinning:)


To harvest I simply snap them off rather like harvesting asparagus. They’re so nice to have to bridge the gap between the old crop and new. I use them mostly in stir fry vegetables, anywhere I’d use garlic. When they get tougher and start opening I cut them all off and start harvesting small bulbs.


I am with him. I freeze them and use minced as garlic in fall fermented veggies. I did add 5 or 6 minced to bruschetta yesterday, and I made a pot of chili today (daughter is back from college), also with minced scapes in.


I like to cut them into similar sizes as the small green beans that I can get and then sauté the two of them together in olive oil, or sauté them and just boiled baby potatoes in olive oil and serve together


I ended up just sautéing some in butter last night and enjoying them that way. This morning my wife told me I still stink like garlic.


That just means she needs to eat more garlic!


when scapes curve up like a pig tail,it is the right time to harvest. break at 2~3” above the ground. I usuall harvest scapes, head to toe, abou 3’ long. 2~3weeks after,dig up the bulbs. I heard the bulbs continue to grow after scapes are harvested. therefore, I want to save as many leaves as I can to supply the plants nutrition


Toss with olive oil, apply some salt, roast on a cookie sheet at 200C until done. Also good sauted in a pan with or without other stuff. They go nice in fried rice.


also scapes can be used to signal when bulbs are ready. I usually leave 3 scapes on the 12X4 bed. When bulbils cover just breaks( or about to break) it means the real underground bulbs are ready. This is true for fall planted garlic.


Good tip, thanks . Can these little bulblets be planted in fall? Any special care, planting guide needed?


We use them in place of scallions or garlic, most often in stir fries. We put a couple in a frittata earlier this week. They have a wonderful mild garlicky​ taste. They do keep a long time in the fridge, as others have said.


Yes, they can be planted. But do not remove them from the scape until ready to plant - they will continue to ripen. I usually take the whole plant out when cover breaks and keep it (whole thing) in the dry shed. I take out bulbils right before planting in October. Do not expect them to form normal bulb next year, they will most likely form uni-bulb. You will plant it again next fall and that will give you normal bulb next year. They say it is a good way to improve your planting material when you use your own garlic as seed. I guess it is because bulbils do not care fungi that could infect underground bulbs.