How big are your pots for indeterminate tomatos?

The title kind of says it all. I was using a 7 gallon last year but feel it may have been a bit too small and stunted the growth a little.

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The volume of harvest is proportional to the volume of roots. I prefer 15+ gallon tubs for tomatoes.

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Do you think grow bags are good for growing tomatoes? My concern is that they dry out quicker and may cause blossom end rot.

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I used 30 gallons and still had problems with tomatoes larger than grape tomatoes

Thank you!

my formula for a couple years has been #25 pots, 1-2 in each, osmocote plus or equivalent (I did fertigation a couple times, I like the osmocote better as it’s one and done), and timer water 1-3x/day depending on conditions. this has been working fine although I’m still working on reducing vigor and increasing fruit set (I’m going to reduce both fertilizer and water this year)

I have found that to be the case. Tomatoes in bags seem to exhibit more blossom end rot then those in beds. My bags are 7 to 10 gallons.