How big does Flavor King pluot tree get on myro 29c?

Hi everyone,

I have a sideyard with lawn that needs some afternoon shade during summer. We were thinking about putting an ornamental tree in the middle of the lawn, within a raised bed. It’ll be about 10-12 feet from my house.

I can’t help but hope that this would be an opportunity to add another fruit tree. I’d like to add flavor king pluot, as I already have a burgundy plum and a flavor grenade pluot. I’ve heard that flavor king stays relatively small. Almost all of my plums, pluots, peaches, nectarines, and apricots are on citation in our clay soil, but they get around 12 feet high at most. Ideally I’d like this tree to get around 15 ft high. Is that possible on myro 29c?

I initially thought about planting another persimmon or jujube in this location, but the roots are pretty aggressive on both trees.

My 4th leaf Flavor King is on Citation and is at least 10’ high. It is trained to a modified central leader. On Myro 29c I think it will be at least as big. But yes, it is the least vigorous of all my pluots.

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