How can get these nodes on cherry tree to grow?

I planted this BlackGold cherry tree on Gisela root stock. There are two buds lower on the trunk that want to grow, even though they started along with other buds, they seem to be stuck for last couple of months.

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Usually if I pluck all of the surrounding leaves off leaving what is the terminal leaf it encourages growth. Try it on one to see if that works
Kent, wa

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thanks, does it help to remove leaves from the top nodes that is shading out the lower node. Also, how do I identify the terminal leaf?

The terminal leaf is the longer one growing directly out from the trunk. Giving it more light could help. Everything above it has apical dominance. That’s why once your topped the tree those scaffolds became dominant.

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What is your plan for shaping this tree?

Are you intending to follow a specific pruning method?

Are you intending to grow it in a single plane espalier/ fan style in line with your fence?

What is your overall height & width goals for your tree?

I am trying to train this tree in KGB system keeping height at 8 ft and spread to 3 or 4 ft.

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