How deep to plant new grafted apple trees

How deep to plant newly grafted apple trees? Just above the existing roots or plant deep couple 3 inches below graft in nursery bed?

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I don’t think I’d be comfortable planting those new grafts out in the field until dormant again.
Personally, I put 'em into pots, but a bed is ok.
Moving to hot sun…and no dirt on the roots…I’d be concerned I’d lose
a bunch of them.

They going into nursery bed…

How deep would u plant them?

Generally you want to plant grafted trees below the graft to achieve the desired qualities of the graft union.

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So bury most of the rootstock to just below the graft?

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I leave the graft unions up about 4 inches. That way when I plant them out in the field, I can put on a nice mulch layer and still have the union out of the soil. I’ve done this for 200+ bench grafts and don’t have any complaints.

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Thank you for answering my question. Appreciate it.

Cold climate with lots of voles? Bury them so when you lose the trunk it shoots up as the variety you want not just the rootstock :wink: