How do they make strawberries bareroot?

Hello all,
I was just wondering how big companies make strawberries into bareroot strawberries? Do they put them in a freezer until they go dormant and then remove them from soil? And how do they store bareroot strawberries?


Was just hoping to follow up, any ideas?

@Rawnutphobic —

Found this with a Goog Search… how do nurseries produce bare root strawberries…

When you get your bare root berries, they won’t look like much. To harvest the bare root plants, the nursery has dug them up while still dormant , allowing them to survive even without water & nutrients. … To get the plants ready to go in the ground, carefully separate the plants untangling the roots.

Early this spring… like late Feb… (Still dormant) I dug up several smaller strawberry plants (last years runners that established) and transplanted them. I did not worry about moving a lot of soil with them, so they were mostly bare root once I dug them up, and I just transplanted them where I wanted them… they grew just fine this year.

I think the key there is (while still dormant)…

Good Luck with your strawberries !



Thank you!! Simple enough solution and makes sense!