How do you cure onions?

Just looking for ideas. When I harvest onions, I cure them in my garage for about a month. I zip-tie them in bunches (usually bigger than this pic) and then hang them from hooks and nails in the garage wall. Crude, but works.

I’ve also tried just lying flat on a table in the past. How do you do yours?

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I usually tie them up in bunches and hang them on my sun porch. In the past, when I had a covered location outdoors, I’ve just laid them out under that cover.

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What is temperature in your garage/sun porch? I pulled my onions today because I thought it was time. They did not really get much size. I set them out in the middle of spring. Now I am not sure what to do with them. I’m new at this.

I could cure them like you all are doing. I have an enclosed back porch that stays hot and a carport. Wich would be best?

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It is usually recommended to cure them in warmth (75-85) but store them in a much cooler area.

Plant early. Like March. More growth time = bigger. Also at your latitude, some long day onions are ok, but you’re best with intermediate types like Candy. Short-days planted in fall are also possible if they can overwinter.

Mine were Red “Karmen” onions that were sets that I got at Tractor Supply. Planted early May. Yes, I realized that it was late when I planted. At least the package indicated that May was okay.

It’s so hot and dry where I am at, to cure my onions all I do is lay the uprooted plants on my tomato cages in the shade.

I just leave them outside in the dirt. My garden is an extension to my fridge. I have no storage room for anything.