How do you pronounce "pluot"?

Yeah, I know it might be a silly question, but so much of what I learn comes from reading without ever hearing words pronounced. It’s possible for me to go for years before realizing that I’ve been pronouncing a word laughably wrong. So, how do you pronounce pluot ? One syllable or two? What does it rhyme with?

While I’m embarrassing myself, how about pluerry ?

Gee I’m not good at this but know what you mean. I’ve been embarrassed by that even on peoples names and body parts not normally spoken about in public. :flushed:

Pluot is two syllabes. plu like you. ot like otter starts. That’s my best effort.

Pluerry I’d start the same and end like rie. The e in the middle is silent the way I pronounce it.

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Thank you, fruitnut.

I’m sitting here trying to say “pluerry”. Does it rhyme with flurry?

Maybe I’m wrong but I always pronounce it plu like flu then ree…plu-ree

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Agree with Speedster.

I always assumed pluerry was a variation on pluot pronunciation: a plew-airy kind of thing. Pluot is definitely pronounced plew-ott.


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You could be right because it’s just like OP stated. Haven’t heard anyone from CA pronounce pluerry. But I don’t have that a in the middle. More like plew-ry.

Thank you ALL. I feel a tad less ignorant now. :blush: , especially after reading 2 possibilities for pluerry.

After all, there is more than one way to pronounce “almond”, and I can’t even count the number of ways people pronounce “pecan”.

I pronounce Pluot as plew ott. Pluerry I pronounce as plew airy, although I have heard it pronounced as plerry (monosyllabic).

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Yes, that is correct, I have often watched the videos and heard Tom Spellman (now that name is ironic isn’t it?) many, many times on the radio. Tom does many radio interviews every year. I listen to garden podcasts constanly (right now “You Bet your Garden” is playing, out of Philly, although is syndicated). Hundreds exist from all over the country. Anyway he pronounces them like Scott did. You know this was not a silly question afterall!

And for those that do not know Tom is the spokesman for DWN (Dave Wilson Nurseries) exclusive distributor of Zaiger Genetics fruit trees. All non-GMO btw.(and now Gardener’s Question Time from the BBC is playing).

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Since we are talking about different pronunciations, how do you pronounce Krymsk? I’m assuming it’s Cry-Misk? Is that right?

I found this Olpea.It sounds like the “m” is silent. Brady

Well, according to Tom Spellman from DWN, pluot is pronounced, "PLU (like flew) ot (like the first part of otter). Pluerry is pronounced “plu -AIR -ree”, which I find very odd, but that’s how he pronounces is, and since DWN invented the word, I suppose that’s the correct pronunciation. Myrobalan rootstock is pronounced, “my-RO-ba-lan”. Krymsk is prounounced “ka-RIM-sk”, muc like the city, Minsk.

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I definitely hear the m in that audio file, though shorter duration and with lips not held together as tightly as in English words. It sounds like Krimsk with a short i . Both the m and s were pronounced more softly.

plu - ot

plu - er - ry

crimsk (like hoosier said…like the city)

At least this is my take on it.

Plew-air-ree is how I have heard Tom say it.
Speaking of Minsk, Orange Minsk is about the best orange tomato out there.
Amana Orange, KBX, and Kellogg’s are still decent though. KBX being the 2nd best or best. Orange Minsk usually has lot of cat facing, and KBX does not.

What about Gisela? Is it geese-uh-la or ja-zel-uh?

Ja - sel - ah

And while we’re at it, what about “Mycorrhizae”?!

mike core rise ah

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