How do you protect your berries from birds and squirrels?

Hello everyone,
I planted a good number of bushes last year such as gooseberries, currants, honeyberries, blueberries etc. They’re all growing very well and this year I actually had a surprising fruit set on many of them. The only problem…squirrels and birds. I put netting over all of them and that worked great to protect the fruit but unfortunately the weight of the netting caused irregular branching angles to form and if I didn’t correct it, my bushes would be growing in a terrible form. Most of the bushes are all growing in a long row close to my fence. What system does everyone use to protect their berries? I was considering placing T posts that the netting could lie on top of in the future.

I prefer welded wire mesh mounted on modular structures.


Could you possibly provide a picture of what that looks like?


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netting zip tied onto a 2in. pvc pipe frame works good. if you dont glue the joints they can be taken apart and stacked for storage.