How does Niagara grape grow? Can it go up a gazebo?

My dad got me one of those boxed Niagara grapes from Tractor supply, because he saw it was actually alive, lol. It’s growing nicely now in a pot.

I’d love to grow it on one corner of my gazebo. Could I train it vertical shoot style like our local vineyards or something? I’ve never actually seen a table grape growing before!

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It will certainly climb, almost any grape can have just about as long of a trunk as you want. Just prune off all but one shoot and tie it to a support. I have a 50 year old Niagara (until it gets grafted this year) and its grown up an arbor near a tree. If a shoot gets anywhere near a branch it will grab on and grow 10 feet into the tree in a year.

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Awesome! I was reading sources saying it’s 6 feet tall and got worried. I’m used to woods-eating vines :smiley: The gazebo corners are 7 ft tall.

Yeah 6 feet is about the height it would be kept on a trellis so that’s probably where it came from.

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Heres a good video that shows how it can get out of control… and probably what not to do…


Niagara a fine climber.

Or maybe try a muscadine.

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That’s crazy! But it’s the kind of growth I’m more used to here in the woods, basically. I get those wild grapes popping up random places.

Does anyone have a favorite pruning system for table grapes? I actually love fiddling with pruning :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I only want it on the sunniest corner. So I’m talking about a corner that’s 2 feet and 2 feet, up 7, and then either hanging down or going up onto the sloped “roof”. It’s an open roof (for climbing roses, etc).

Then grapes are perfect for your love. They will keep you very happy.

Here is a video that i think is about as simple as can be… there are tons of styles but this one i kinda like the best.


Great! Thanks.