How far along are your trees 2019?


I found an old thread with this title that Borer started few years ago and loved looking through all the pictures. I thought I’d start a new thread for this year since some of us have trees waking up already. I’ll post few pictures of my own fully dormant trees.
Peach- Loring I think

Korean Giant Asian pear- hopefully this is a flower bud leading to fruit:

Only thing in the yard showing a hint of life, yellow transparent Apple:

First snow drop of the season, about a week later than normal:


I’m glad you got this going again, I loved the old thread.


Looks like all my apples and pears are still quiet. The fruit buds on the peaches look a bit more noticeable, but still pretty tight. Going to be in the 20s this week, and maybe the teens early next week for lows, so I doubt that’ll wake anything up.

Only my four UArk blackberry floricanes are showing tiny green leaf buds. Which is kind of a good sign as I thought the near zero temps we had last month may have hurt them. But I hope they’re still a ways off from blooming.


I have no idea how my trees are, as they are buried in snow and it’s below zero again tonight. They are either dormant or dead, though.


Still winter in the plum patch!


I’m not sure when I’ll be able to begin winter pruning, and we’ve had more snowfall since these pics were taken.

There’s more trees under there than can be seen, but the solar electric fence is still chugging along! Expect March to stay on schedule (in like a lion, out like a lamb) and then april showers to bring may flowers, those are pretty accurate here for the most part.


Not walking out to check my older trees. Here’s my nursery. Lol


Oh c’mon everybody…everybody can’t be buried in snow. Somebody show me something green or pink…or white… other than snow…


My face was pretty red after shoveling this afternoon, but I don’t have pictures …


I’ve started thinning Tasty Rich aprium in the GH. Bloom is fading but lasts 3x as long in the GN as outside. Now hand pollinating sweet cherry. That’s all that’s left to bloom in the GH then I’ll turn the heat up to summertime…!!

I’ve still got outside fruit on everything but have had 22F several times since bloom started.


Saw an apricot in full bloom in KY today. (It got to 25 last night, so you figure that one out).


Since we are still buried with some snow and can’t do much yet, I like to think about how the orchard is slowly coming together compared to years past.


Don’t you have deer or rabbit problems on those unprotected trees? Mine would be total goners like that.


Arctic Star nectarine and Tropic Snow peach are in full bloom. Other stone fruit trees started showing flowers. Surprisingly, both Emerald Beaut plum trees have some flowers. When I bought the trees two years ago up north, the nursery reminded me that they wouldn’t have enough chill hours in my area. The fruits at the farmer market were so good we told them we would take the chance. Last summer some of their fruits survived the 117 F heat wave and ripened later. Maybe the windy hillside gave them the needed chill time. Citrus trees all have flower buds but not open yet.


We have a dog that’s very active at night and the deer seem to avoid her thus far. As long as I go enough out around that area, she seems to think it’s part of her patrol. Rabbits are another issue though. I have spiral wrap or cages around the smaller trees. I painted latex on the bigger ones and the rabbits seem to not be bothering so far…but I’ve been watching close.


Arctic Fantasy Nectarine, Babcock Peach, Fantasia Nectarine, Florida King Peach



How old are your trees?


Hey SpudDaddy, those trees were planted in 2016. I had very few fruits last year due to late freeze. The weather people are calling for a freeze in the next week…



Transcendent crabapple, Fuji Apple, Granny Smith Apple



Since my orchard looks a lot like the other snow photos above, mostly buried, very white, I have to make do with my greenhouse. No trees (small space) but I do have an elderberry i stuck in early Nov. whose popped buds have started growing. No guarantee but I’m hopeful for roots. It’s amazing how that little bit of green can get a buried-in-snow northerner excited. Even while admiring those beautiful blossoms others have. I do have a daffodil ready to bloom though! Sue