How far along are your trees 2019?

My Shiro J plum and one lost tag apricot/pluot? starts to bloom.

shiro :sob:

In my area, Shiro, superior, bubble gum bloom at the same time.

my tears are from looking at the part of my tree where the Shiro was before an Oak fell on it.


Sorry to hear that. if you want to graft Shiro,I can send you scions. BTW did Shiro taste good in your area? For some reason my Shiro kinda blend

The Forum members here are the absolute best. Fortuntly I had regrowth from the blind wood below the break. Shiro is incredibly vigorous but no flowers this year.

Asian Pear:


Very impressive. Which makes me wonder if we are in the the area… My apricot tree has zero flower this year

Satsuma Plum:


Well, all my known apricots didn’t have any flowers which makes me think it is a pluot. My rest of the pluots do have limited flower buds.

I m a little confused. Are you saying that your apricot may not be an apricot but a pluot?’s flower looks like apricot with red calyx but its growth looks like a plum

All my apricot have distinct bark, rough but shiny. I grafted all six on a nectarine tree and one on a peach tree. It’s easy to notice a difference.

My pluots’s bark look rough but is not shiny’.

I have an apricot tree that has no single flowers this year. It’s a grafted apricot ( more likely a pluot, lost the tag) on nectarine has handful flowers which is on the picture in the previous post.

In my area, the first buds killed are always apricots because they bloom earlier than any plums or pluots I have (I have about 20+ varietes, mostly plums).

I won’t be surprised that your apricot buds (and other stone fruit) are fried. Your winter was brutal this year…

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Yeah, they are all dead. In my area, first bloom is apricot too, but this year I have no apricot flower or peach flower to be references. I only have some plums/pluots and Asian pears still have alive flower buds.

This is the first sweet cherry flower, a branch of white gold grafted on Carmine Jewel. It seems sync with its rootstock because my carmine jewel is read to bloom too


As are mine. For a while, I wasn’t even sure they’d leaf out

In my experience, cherry buds are a lot hardier than apricot, peach, plum buds. On the years that other stone fruit got totally wiped out, my Black Gold were loaded. It is loaded every year. All things considered! Black Gold ( and White Gold) are worth my yard space.

Tippy, you are right. Cherry flower buds seem hardier than peach and apricot. My starkrimson flower buds are swelling and ready to bloom soon