How far along are your trees 2019?


Peaches the size of thumbnails, and pears just starting to bloom. Its a shame it will be 28 here tomorrow morning. We too will be setting record cold temps in the San Antonio area… :sweat:


I’ll be visiting San Antonio the last week of March. I’m glad to see that Spring is well underway there. It will be nice to get away from the snow.


I walked my peach trees today. Dixie Red, Glenglo and TrueGold are in partial bloom. I have my doubts that the TrueGold is really a TrueGold, I have a second TrueGold it is not nearly as far along. One was bought mail order the other at Lowe’s.


If the bloom and leaves look about the same…could a different rootstock be the difference in bloom times? (Or the planting location?)


I noticed some rather negative progress by this apple. A split on the trunk. It’s in a more out of the way and protected area, so I missed painting it with white paint. Oops.


My three pears were full of flowers two days ago, two apricots just poking out and a peach full of little preaches. I Also have blueberries blooming and blackberries sprouting

Well be below 32 with a low oid 30 for a couple of hours in the morning. I’m wondering if I should cover them.


Lowest at 30F. I would not worry much. Don’t forget that wrong covering could do more damage to your trees esp delicate flowe4s.

I posted this on another thread yesterday. It is worth repost for those who have not seen it.


Thank you! That’s great info.


I just picked up a Bavay Green Gage from my local nursery. Thank you for your description!

I will be doing a 3 in 1 planting with a Mirabelle and a Shropshire Damson to get a variety of European plums as I only have Japanese plums so far.


My open peach blooms on my Not-Reliance look like they’ve closed some in the past couple of cold days. That’s really weird :slight_smile:


Looks like you just planted those pears the frost would be doing you a favor if it killed the blossoms most people have trouble culling fruit on new trees. Better the tree doesn’t fruit same season it’s planted let it work on growth


One branch of many grafted plum. It is 2nd year in ground in Vancouver, WA where we had none if the deep snow that Puget Sound got, just dustings. Rains about 41 " annually here, mostly sprinkles nit like DC sheets of water at all.
The temps can get under freezing but not usually under 30°, and highs can be a few weeks in August in 90s, but last year no 100° days. This is why we are zoned 8a.

I grow 2 kinds of grapes well here. IDK how the cherry I planted will do, because usually the groumd is water logged in sping and fall, saturated…so I created a hill to plant it on out of soil from Yard n Garden.

I would love a dwarf sweet persimmon, and a self fertile sweet peach, but not sure what kind of peach would do well here.


Royal Lee Cherry getting plenty of action


These espalier pears have been in the ground 3 years, no fruit yet. Can anyone tell if these are vegetative or flower buds? Bartlett.


Vey nice little tree. I’m also working on an espalier. As of now I only have top two arms. I’m thinking I’ll either have to chip bud on the trunk or notch to get more branches.
Do you feel your branches are too close together during the growing season? I mean the distance between each set of arms.


Nice countryside for SA!


In an ideal situation, I would like more space between branches, but this project was mainly to act as a screen to block the view under the deck. The trees seem to be pretty happy. The easiest method is to hack the main stem at the first height, let three sprouts grow. Two get bent to the sides, one is the new leader up to the second level. Repeat the process for each level. Bartlett grows like mad, you can get three levels in a summer.


Those look like fruiting spurs.Nice


Flavor king


Nice. What are the other trees blooming in the background, or are they all FK?