How far away from buildings to plant a tree that will be 30' at maturity?

Newbie here. I have a contender peach tree and about 40’ between buildings… can I plant this here?

I purchased it from Lowe’s and it says on the tag 30’… but is it really going to grow that large?

I also have an appalachian red redbud I want to plant. Anyone know the spacing rules for that?


Peach trees are not awful against concrete i would probably keep them out of your septic field or sewer line. In general 15’ off the house would be safe for a peach tree. I would probably space them 8’-12’ apart and put as many peaches as i can in there personally and trim them down to 8’ and if the other building does not have a basement it does not really matter just don’t plant a tree that is going to eat a house later in life (sheds are pretty edible). The redbud depending on where you live and in general you would plant that in a location that makes you happy when it blooms (you really should plant summer flowering trees for the bees however like european lindens and sourwoods) it takes shade and should be say 12’ away from a house, these will also take shade and your fruit will not.


Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed to know. You rock!