How far to separate seeded from seedless Asian persimmons?

I’m kind of interested in trying some of the Asian persimmons that require pollination, but if I were to try them, I’d want to plant them far enough from my other Asians that they could remain seedless. Any ideas how far apart the trees would need to be for the pollination constant varieties to remain seedless?

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With the preface of I don’t know for sure, I’d say really far. Persimmons are said to be high value nectar trees for bees, and bees regularly travel miles. For general pollination I usually see 50-100 yards thrown out for the maximum distance between plants to allow good pollination.

I don’t know but I need to observe during bloom next year who I have that is putting out male flowers. I am getting a few seeds in many of my Kaki this year, not too many and on the positive I am saving the seeds if I can find a distant corner to grow out. A few seeds are not bad and have heard they improve the fruit and less drop but I really don’t care for heavily seeded

I started to respond to the 50-100 yard number, but then it occurred to me that there’s surely a wide range of distance between what’s necessary for good pollination and not-so-good-but-still-lots-of-random-seeds pollination. I live on a small farm, so I could achieve nearly 1/4 mile separation here, but my other more complicated possibility would be to arrange to grow the PV types on a neighbor’s land. I could probably find a neighbor with some unused land willing to let me grow some trees in exchange for some of the fruit.