How hardy are himrod, lakemont, Canadice and Thompcord grapes?

I got a Himrod grape from One Green World and lakemont, Canadice and Thomcord from Stark Bros. I got those on recommendation on a website over the internet. Thing is the grape zone scale seems to be all over the place. Some say hardy to zone 4 and others say hardy to zone 6 which is a stark difference.

Himrod and Canadice are Cornell releases: they would be the best place to start. Double A is also an excellent source of information.

I grow Canadice and Himrod here in Western NY

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Himrod is one of the hardiest crosses of Ontario x Thompson, and was used a lot in further breeding.
Lakemont, not so good.
Canadice is fairly hardy, and as for ThomCord, I don’t know.
Nursery Catalogs are not very reliable data.

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The late Lon Rombough, in his book, “The Grape Grower,” listed Himrod as hardy to about -20°F, Lakemont to about -15°F, Canadice to about -20°F. No mention of Thompcord, which may have arisen too late in his career, or after.