How is your weather?


14 here two nights in row…we will hope damage minimal.


Sorry guys. That stinks. I hope all turns better…


Apple trees had green tip at this week in 2018, and some loss was experienced at 18 or so degrees 2 or 3 nights after this point…….but I had apples, and blueberries, just not heavy crop.
So, actually, since apples are mostly not swollen or leafing, two nights of 14 and one of 24 isn’t going to hurt apples in KY I don’t think But, those trees in bloom such as some peaches, plums or apricots…are history for this year I suppose. Pears…not sure yet. Blueberries probably fine.

But, I can see how Mississippi or even Houston TX got some damage this week, as things were farther along.


We got down to 21 after all, darnit. The forecast was exactly right if you switch the two nights. I thought I was clear after yesterday.

But I have a lot of buds not opened. The peach I’m concerned about did well (enough) with this same temp last year.


10F yesterday morning. 6 F right now. Even though everything seems dormant, this low temp makes me uncomfortable esp. for stone fruit like apricots and peaches this time of the year.


Another snowy day, Omaha public school just called to cancel all class. This is not a typical March at all. We should be in the 50s by now. More rain and mix snow on Saturday.


I agree. My apricot trees (only have 3) are loaded with buds this year, just hate seeing another year go by with no apricots! The trees are finally old enough to produce fruit; wrong zone. :disappointed_relieved:


NWS now gives a storm total for Saturday/Saturday night of 7-13". More next week as well.



Been watching every model run…the trend was north some, but the GFS that just came out looks a little south of me now. Still would be mainly rain and would put Minneapolis more in the heavy stuff. I’d also be getting my shovel ready in Rochester.

Storm #1


Next week --should-- be rain. Cuts way west. Will be a big snow for areas of the Dakotas.

Storm #2


as much as id like rain over snow ,I’m hoping we get some slow melting before any amount of rain. the emergency agencies are already preparing for major flood conditions this spring. sadly , my brother is in another flood prone area. he lost his house in our record flood in 08’ at least that was a rent. now his guides business is at risk! in normal years the water comes within 50ft. of the building. watching and praying!


Good thing locally is liquid amounts are now more like 3/4 inch with storm #1…so hopefully that is it. That second storm shows about 1/2 of liquid too… that one really wraps int he warm air for the whole area and points eastward… that should get some melt going quickly… GFS shows mid 50Fs next Weds.

Just looking…March is running 20.2F below normal so far…lol…


NWS still saying 33 here next Weds.


now your talking some sense! :wink:


I hate winter and want it to end, but i think we have so much snow that it is going to blunt any significant warming for some time (60F+). A big warm rain though would get things cleared quickly but would probably lead to epic flooding…


I fear the flooding this spring may be substantial, and in a good number of states. When all this snow melts and eventually ends up in the Mississippi River…it’s all gotta go somewhere


39 as a high today, with more rain and snow. The ten day has us between 25 and 47 with more snow on Wednesday. I just hope the rain holds off during recess time!


Latest storm model has us getting 9-12" of wet, heavy snow tomorrow/tomorrow night. :confounded:

At least next week’s storm now looks to miss us or be more rain than snow (for now)


Next weeks storm looking wetter then this one.

I really wonder where all that rain is going to go.


Yep, Tennessee had it’s wettest February ever, and the Tennessee, Cumberland rivers are already full and heading to the Ohio then the Mississippi. If Iowa and Minnesota and Wisconsin get big quick snow melts…the Mississippi River may have a record year…not something anybody wants.