How is your weather?


NWS is still saying 5-9" more, but I am kind of doubting it. I saw some pics from parts of South Dakota and it was crazy. 5-6’drifts after having bare ground a day or two ago. I hope those folks come through this storm ok


Just got in from plowing/snowblowing. I’m guessing we got right around 8-10". Tough to say for sure with all the drifting from yesterday. It’s still snowing, but accumulating snow should be done shortly (I hope). The stuff is as heavy as lead. Township hasn’t plowed and I doubt they will. Come on melting temps and sunshine


That wind coming off of South Texas kicked up a bunch of dust and dropped it in the rain that fell here.

It sure made a mess of our cars, but worse is the mess it made of the windows on our house with the wind.


They are report 6 to 7 inches here but it sure doesn’t seem that much, but it did compact like crazy and rain fell on top of it. This snow cover isn’t going anywhere without some sun or warmer temps.

upper 30Fs today… maybe get back into some warm temps Mon-Weds… hopefully 60F or better at least 1 or 2 of those days.

Rain late next week…hopefully after that then we get back some real warmth…

Watch this thing flip in May and it is summer…


Argh. Right now there is another 1.5" in our forecast here for next Wed/Thurs next week.

I’ve got trees coming! It needs to dry out some so I can plant them! Plus I have the other half in the pots or need to be transplanted from another location.

I sure did have more time to plant these trees the first time I put in an orchard at our previous house. That was with 0 kids…


That’s what happened last year, right from winter to summer, no spring.


That’s not all bad. Spring is when most people get froze out.


I did planting today [not fruit trees] to get them in the ground before the rain supposed to come next week


You’re right, that’s the one silver lining to a late winter and cold rotten spring.


Not good if you want to grow cauliflower/lettuce/etc… it all bolts and turns to crap after spending months babying it along… but that is what will happen. I can almost taste the bitter lettuce now.

We bloom so late here it rarely even is a big deal with apples/pears/etc… its more apricots and any other really early bloomers. Looking at it now…i doubt we bloom anything until after the 20th of April…maybe the 25th…

36F and raining and super windy.


24th thru 29th was brutal for May… lots of AC that month…



Geez…That would be a historically cold average here…LOL


I’ve said this before…but Jan in Miami is warmer then July in my backyard!

May when its normal is a beautiful month…warm enough, but low humidity. Long days…usually sunny except for cutoff lows…which are the worst possible thing to happen to anyone. Basically when a low pressure system (like what we have now) gets cut off from the jet stream and just lingers (like The Cranberries song)… there was one back in the early 2000’s that the low actually started going backwards and rotated around the area. We had like 10 days of clouds/rain…



61 currently…lowest it’s been for more than 48 hours.
My pie cherries have had total petal fall…but my mom’s 2 miles away in valley are in full bloom.

Apple blossom is heavy…and I saw some honeybees on the trees.
Granny Smith and Niedwetzkyana have had petal fall.

Pawpaws all look good. Even the ones I planted July 4th last summer.

Also planted a 6pak of tomato plants and some bean seeds.


Maryland here (20 min south of Baltimore) - its been nice, highs of 60-80 lows of 40-60? Feels like it went straight from late winter to early summer with no spring, though. Very weird to have these balmy afternoons with such an early sunset.

I’m going to wait a bit before I try transplanting my hot peppers, hibiscus, and (sub)tropicals just out of an abundance of caution. I’m not calling it yet, but I think last frost was almost exactly two weeks earlier than “normal”.

Edit: Have seen bee activity, so thats good.


High winds and stormy weather is expected for Sunday night. Hope my bagged pears don’t get ripped off. The apples are about big enough but I will wait at least until Monday to get started bagging them.


Forecast for Sunday overnite has gone from skirting the freezing point to upper 20s. Will bring in the potted citrus - of which fortunately I only have a couple


32 degrees predicted tonight in our part of Oklahoma. New fruit trees and optimistically planted annuals either covered or moved inside. This looks to be our last chance of frost, so planting those fruit trees tomorrow.