How is your weather?


Looks like International Falls, MN dropped to 32F this morning…plenty of cold still across S Canada and the border region.

We did hit 90F yesterday…1st time this year…doesn’t look to be near that for some time.


still only 2 days it cracked 70’s still in upper 50’s low 60’s no complaints here as long as the sun is out!


Low 70Fs here but with the sun it is still very warm.

Weeding my strawberry bed. Tons of flowers. Lots of fruit set all ready. Also a lot of runners going everywhere. I’m going to need to net it very soon.

My son picked up the toad that has been living by our pond. My wife says she saw a frog swimming in there…so lots of wildlife. I repotted all my lily pads. No fish in the pond but we have a bunch of extra snails in our aquarium i might put in there to eat the algae. Those things breed like crazy.


From beautiful to overcast.


get some mosquitofish to eat the mosquito larvae in there. :wink:


Rain in the morning, rain and hail in the afternoon. Not many dry days in the May, may be the same in June😩


Thank goodness. All this water has other downsides. There is a small pond created by the erosion fence in the lot next door. It is drawing vermin. I had my first deer strike on my trees last week and scared another off the lot this evening. The water draws them in. I was hoping not to need fence around all my trees in this new spot, alas it is not to be.

Nice, warm summer day here. Filtered sun from the wildfires in Alberta. The sun was very red this evening from the smoke.


Forecast for tonight is 37F and we’re usually 3-4 degrees below that. Looks like a second year that my pepper plants will be stunted by cold. I haven’t even planted the big garden yet.


me neither. my peppers are in the greenhouse now for 4 days and aren’t looking to happy. we’ve only had 2 days it barely cracked 70f. nothing but showers and mid 50’s in the 7 day.


Lots of sun and 70s/80s in the ten day. My wife got the garden in over the weekend. Should have been good timing.


My tomatoes finally look good. Cool this morning but 70Fs now. Nice week but maybe a tad warm…Should get thru the week without ac…overnight lows look to hang between 58F and 62F…so maybe just a fan or 3 should do.


Sunny, a little wind, not breeze, so too cold to go to the beach for lunch. Great gardening weather. It’s in the high sixties. The sun has really helped my peaches.


We have had 20+ mph wind all day today.

I hope it will die dien before dark so I could spray.


Rain/storms this morning. Maybe a little hail mixed in there… done now…clouds and warm. Calling for 84F today…the sun comes out and its going to be hot.

Dewpoints on the rise today and storms tonite again…they started yesterday in the 30Fs (very dry) and right now sitting at about 60F for a dp… might go near 70F today…


80 here with a dewpoint in the low 60s. Possible t-storms later


upper 50’s with showers all week. at least its not continuous rain. need a dry spell to spray my trees. seeng some leaf damage.


Just got the t storms, and a tornado siren to boot. Another night letting the kids watch a movie in the basement. But it was reeeeally dry here today so I’m glad to have the rain.


3.6" of rain in less than an hour, and a beautiful sunset to finish out the day!


Rain/tstorms h ere…nothing extreme but nice…rain wasn’t all that much but enough to water everything.


Excessive Rainfall Discussion
NWS Weather Prediction Center College Park MD
420 AM EDT Wed Jun 05 2019

Day 1
Valid 12Z Wed Jun 05 2019 - 12Z Thu Jun 06 2019


…Eastern Texas into Southwest Louisiana…
There is a strong model consensus for very heavy to excessive
rainfall amounts day 1 along the Central to Upper Texas coast into
Southwest Louisiana. PW values 2.25 to 2.50+…3+ standard
deviations above the mean…expected to impact much of eastern TX
into the Lower MS Valley day 1 in an axis of strong southerly low
level flow…850-700 mb moisture flux anomalies 3 to 5 standard
deviations above the mean…off the western Gulf of Mexico.
Rainfall intensities likely to increase early this period along
the mid to upper TX coast in the above mentioned axis of anomalous
850-700 mb moisture flux off the western Gulf that will be moving
only slowly up the TX coast into southwest LA day 1. SREF
probabilities for 5"+ rainfall amounts are in the 70-100% range
across much of the coastal sections of WFO HGX and LCH
CWA…inland by approximately 50 nm. In this region…the latest
hi res model consensus is for 6-10"+ amounts with these amounts
depicted in WPCs day 1 qpf. Changes to the previous Excessive
Rainfall Outlook for this period was to introduce a high risk in
the consensus very heavy qpf axis. Otherwise…only some minor
changes made to the slight and moderate risk areas…suppressing
them slightly southward to match the consensus heaviest precip
axis. Widespread major to life threatening flooding possible in
the high risk area…especially across the Houston metro region
which is susceptible to major flooding issues.