How is your weather?


First rain since May Wooohooo! .07"


Warm (feels hot) and humid the last 2 days. Fog this morning was the thickest yet…almost a mist. Cleared out fast and temp jumped from 61F in the low 80Fs…with dewpoints heading towards 70F…yuck Mowed the lawn for the first time in probably a month or more. The lack of rain and sunshine in the second half of August really helped keep the grass short.

Second half the week looks very wet again. Starting late Weds thru the weekend.


Mesoscale Precipitation Discussion 0858
NWS Weather Prediction Center College Park MD
557 AM EDT Tue Sep 17 2019

Areas affected…Southeast TX & Southwest LA
Concerning…Heavy rainfall…Flash flooding possible

The expectation is for curved rain bands to develop over the next few hours which could yield hourly rain totals to 3" within this environment where they train, with some gradual outward expansion of the banding expected through the morning. The system as a whole should move/propagate northward around a low- to mid-level high pressure system over the central Gulf of Mexico. Rain moving ashore should cause the instability gradient to retreat back
towards the coast, making it an effective front/convergence zone. The mesoscale guidance shows reasonable consistency, with a strong signal for local amounts of 5-6". Parts of these region are dry or have descended into drought, so flash flood guidance values are quite high and soils are generally desiccated.



Big cool down… 80’s and 60’s…woohoo! Cool snap…



Tropical Depression Imelda Advisory Number 4
NWS Weather Prediction Center College Park MD AL112019
400 AM CDT Wed Sep 18 2019




At 400 AM CDT (0900 UTC), the center of Tropical Depression Imelda was located near latitude 30.0 North, longitude 95.6 West. The depression is moving toward the north near 5 mph (7 km/h) and this motion is expected to continue over the next couple of days with a slight turn to the north-northwest.

RAINFALL: Imelda is expected to produce total rainfall accumulations of 6 to 12 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 18 inches across portions of eastern Texas, including the Houston and Galveston areas.


I’m ready for 50Fs and 60Fs (high temps) at this point…bring it on. Dew points are nearing 70F again this afternoon… Extended looks blah around here…nothing cold or even cool… GFS shows mid 80Fs right into early October…


Finally! Rain beautiful rain!!!


Send some my way. We have not had rain in over a month.


It rained pretty hard twice in 3 hours for an hour or so each time. It was desperately needed…Forecast doesn’t give us much more in the near future but the temps will be down 10-15 degrees… A little silver lining,:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Lucky you. We need rain so badly.


I believe OHIO will get rain!!! Never fails it will happen when you least want it or you will get way to much!!! LOL…


True. We had 25+ days of rain in May. Never a good sign because it means no rain in August. Sure enough no rain since after the first week in August. The weather people keep teasing us with “possible rain” every few days. Now they say “maybe Monday”. We need that rain. The ground is as hard as concrete.


I feel for you Mike. I was raised outside Columbus and the Concrete ground is a real troubling effect.We complain a lot about the humidity here but it really does serve to at least water the trees and plants over he evenings. Humidity during dry periods here will go from 50=60% in the daytime to 98-100% at night. It will fog all your air conditioned windows and in a camper it stays 60-85% at night. Thank God for new technologies in Campers that it doesn’t ruin everything. I keep a gun or two in mine to hunt with. I use the DAMPRID in my safe ALWAYS!!!


So you know what crazy type weather we can get. Lots of humidity in the summer months. We do not get the windows fogged up except for a few times. You are right, that type of humidity helps the trees and plants.


I do know. I was raised in Reynoldsburg and lived in Ohio until I was 27. My Mom was from Caldwell and Grandma was from Marietta… Ohio can have some of the craziest weather swings ever. Wasn’t it just 10 or so years ago they had NO summer? I have an ex wife in Dayton as well… My current wife was raised in Cleveland… The Snow capital of Ohio…


I’ve been a weather nut for years. Ohio is a real microcosm of the entire country. You can get so many types of weather from North to South and East to West it’s really quite perplexing. I was there for the Loveland and Zenia Tornadoes. Both real monsters with life altering effects. Anyone who wants to study weather extremes in the lower 48 should travel Ohio!!! My grandparents somehow had a very impressive garden in Caldwell for many years… Just Smart country people. Grandpa used a Hand Tiller into his 80’s…


Over 34 inches of rain has fallen in Jefferson County, TX over the past 72 hours . #Imelda


Storms fired over night…been nonstop since about 2am here…very heavy rain just south across IA/MN border… that area has been really hard lately. Lots of training of thunderstorms (just redeveloping over same areas).