How is your weather?


I’m in Wisconsin where really it hasn’t been too bad. Just lots of frost and upper 20Fs to mid 40Fs the past week. Late next week i think we’ll be talking teens and maybe even single digits…

I’m still covering some strawberry plants outside nightly because i don’t know what i want to do with them yet (put them inside under grow lights or let them go dormant).


Ok yeah so you are in WI. Nice berry idea! Yeah if they are everbearing you may get indoor fruit. I like how the plants multiply!! I went from a handful of plants a year ago to a nice thick 25 ft row and another 4’x5’ patch and 2 more 25 ft newly establishing rows of young plants in just one year with little effortand if I had pushed a little more I easily could have harvested baby plants for two more rows if Id wanted to!!



It is 70 currently in my part of Kentucky…but our first freeze is expected later tonight. Brrr.

Rainy for over 24 hours, but followed by cold front, winds, and clearing skies.


“only” 6F this morning in Denver…so no all time record for October… Way too windy…air was probably well mixed.

Clouds and 30F here this morning.

Naefs pretty much agrees with this…second week of November the core of the cold looks to be sitting over Wisconsin…we shall see what that brings.


there is no excuse for this in October:

![IMG_4754|640x480](upload://dbvNIMG_4756 EWfnuJBbpF8vgiPR2EgyuL7.jpeg)IMG_4754



If it weren’t for global warming, the leaves wouldn’t still be on the trees at the end of October, causing tons of broken limbs on the ground.

Record cold coming overnite here, tho


A crazy chilly 34° low overnight here. The whole West is freezing (for now)


Just had friends leave who live in SF, CA. Not too happy with the fires. They have allowed friends to live in their house who had no where to go while they are in France. Still in the seventies here with rain. Mrs. G


I had a layer of ice on my little pond this morning. No snow yet around here but the forecast does show something…maybe a mix of rain and snow…not s ure about accums… that would be tomorrow/tomorrow night. Rain monday… then maybe accumulating snow next thurs…but that is way out there…

Friday morning then we get some of that Denver cold…


We just had a little over 1.5" of desperately needed rain over a two day period. That was the first good rain of any type we had since before August, over three and a half months.


Yeah, definitely is the winter​:snowflake::frowning:


Pretty though!


Yes,. But it’s wet and cold out there. It is tough for trick and treat kids


Lotta limbs down yesterday, snow was so heavy


Over 3" of rain today… so far. Still comin’ down hard. It’s already pretty wet around here.


We took kids last night. I didn’t think there were many people out around here without the snow. It was 32F most of the evening so that doesn’t help.

36F and clouds again… we might see snow tonite…or a mix. Temps are very iffy.


Missed out on that. Maybe this winter the storms will all trend south over Iowa… Iowans love snow…lots of heavy snow.


Bitter cold (for us) 31° overnight low. Crazy for last day of Oct. Keep in mind our JAN/FEB overnight low average is 39°. Here’s the part that’s hard to get your head around unless you’re familiar with CA climate - It was 73° yesterday afternoon.