How is your weather?


And even colder tomorrow nite. Then it normals up.


12in. on the ground and still coming down hard.


Currently 7F here…if we had snow cover it would be 0F or colder…

This cold shot is very short lived. Extended GFS has a nice mild look to it…nothing warm but nothing like this. Could jump back into the 50Fs next week if models are right.


Gonna have to get my parka out!!!


heck thats still shorts weather in these parts. :wink:


The cold made it pretty far south…maybe in Dec? or Jan we can get a nice chunk to head over S FLorida and give Miami some frost :santa:

single digits down into north Texas.


22 degrees at 11 a.m. with an inch or more on grassy or leafy surfaces…and flurries.


23f here. just got done blowing the yard. got 15in. of heavy snow.


This the first big dip tonight. Going down to 21f tonight.


It s between 33 and 36 degrees. How are you supposed to work in such heat ? Most of our houses here go from thatched to corrugated iron sheets which just soaks up heat and usually unpleasant to sit inside during the day. Hence Mangoe trees used to help as the grand trees were used for shade, village meeting sites etc. We intend to replant and protect the said trees.


We have a skiff of snow on the ground; low this morning was 7.9F (or -13.3 to you centigradians). Don’t recall it ever being this cold this early. Just finished a several-day fig-covering marathon last night—and had to leave one unknown Mt. Etna-type exposed because I ran out of materials and time. Guess it’ll be a good test for it—and also for my new Arp rosemary, which is tucked in the south corner of a shed against a little sandstone cairn and covered with a mylar emergency blanket. Have some Chinese cabbages under blankets and mylar—so will be interesting to see how those fared. I suspect not well, as they’re not as hardy as western cabbage.


I’m surprised a thatched roof isn’t cooler than corrugated sheet metal


Wow you get some snow up there. We are mostly snow free here except shaded areas have a little on the ground. Did get a dusting overnight along with very strong winds. About 20F this morning… lots of clouds. I noticed the river has a layer of ice on it… nothing i’d ever walk on it.

Should see a nice stretch of normal 30s/40Fs after today… i do wonder if this mild air will mean clouds clouds clouds… tis the time of year for that.


@ltilton - Am not always clear. Bad habits. I meant to see the thatched roof is cooler as opposed to the iron sheets but people here look at it in the sense that they going up in the world. It s a funny old world !


I’d be interested to know how your ROSEMARY makes it.
I’ve had several rosemary plants die over the years…but have not grown ARP.


no warm stretch here. hi temps in the low 20’s . supposed to hit -2f tonight. its going to be another long cold winter! substantial snows are coming earlier in the last 10 yrs. and the cold is more consistent instead of having several winter thaws like we used to, it just stays very cold all winter. climate change may be affecting other parts of the country but here, we’re looking for the glaciers to come down from Quebec!


I’ll definitely let you know. The only other reportedly zone 6-friendly rosemary I’ve is tried Madeline Hill Hardy, but it kicked it after one winter. But that may have been because I had it in a non-sheltered location and covered it with straw which ended up wet. Arp, though uncovered, has made it through a few nights in the 20s and one down to 19 so far—with no visible damage; so I’m hopeful.


Always has been. I remember people throwing out good old furniture because it wasn’t fashionable and replacing it with trashy stuff.


@ltilton we are funny people aren’t we. What was fashionable last year will come back in a few years time only with different twist this time and we flock to the shops …

In saying that, people do work hard for their to be able to spend it how they see fit.