How is your weather?


Another 2 degree morning. It can warm up a bit any time now


Nippy today, looks like spring starting March 1. I’ve seen daffs poking up.


I doubt we see another single digit until next winter… might come close tonite (low of 10F) but after…the long range looks pretty mild/springish… Quick warm up tomorrow.


It should…even to the north. We still have decent snowpack around here…but it has receded a lot (lot of grass showing)…but still plenty of parking lot glaciers/piles.

Day 9 850mb temp anomaly showing some very warm air over the N plains… if we can mix that air to the surface…should be some nice mild weather.



I wondered where all the sunshine went to…you’ve got it all Stu


Euro is going bonkers with the heat in the northern plains day 8/9/10… so something to watch. Should really see a good melt off occur.

Well we dropped to 8F this morning… so cross my fingers…that should be the last single digit of the season… Should zoom up to around 40F this afternoon.


Sure hope you’re right. I don’t want an early spring, but a nice, slow melt would be just fine with me.


We have nothing to melt and the ground isn’t frozen very deep. I think the soil may be workable quite early this year.


By far the hottest day of the year for us so far, yesterday. A blistering 83°


If things line up right…should see some really nice warm days the second week of March…

Things will warm up fast with no snow around.


I see lots of upper 60s next week in Omaha. It is early Spring here this year. 58 degrees today and tomorrow.


We had a quick 1in of snow Fri night, by yesterday afternoon it was mostly gone. This morn it dropped to 20, but quickly rebounded to 62 today. Unreal. Took advantage of the day and weeded part of the strawberry patch. But, more rain tomorrow, sure wish it’d dry out a bit. More moderate temps this week, so prob will coax out a few more peach buds.


It’s windy here but still no rain despite the forecast.


Snow overnight…less then an inch. Already melting fast.

Should be in the 60Fs this weekend! Sunday is looking like the day.


Should be 70F or better this weekend. Get the shorts out!


getting into the 40f today but another 8in tom. and tom. night.


We are heading toward low 50s today…going for a walk on the property, getting the sprayer out, cleaning up some landscape beds.

Seeing low to mid 40s all through the 2 week forecast…it’s definitely looking like an early Spring. That being said…if the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast gets zapped with a late cold spell…it’s gonna be ugly for fruit production.


I got tired of reading about things I can’t control, corona virus and the stock market, so I came here!


62 and sunny here today! Light winds around 10mph so it was perfect weather for working outside. It felt so great to be out in SUNSHINE :sun_with_face: