How is your weather?


Raining good here right now. Temp of 36F. Yuck. Nice to see you guys getting it though, especially since the ground is still able to take it. Ground might start freezing up if those temps in the teens show up.


Went out to fill bird feeders. Snow is at the top of my 15" hunting boots. It’s supposed to snow until this evening.


That is a lot of snow to melt this time of year. I’ll be very interested in seeing if you lose that. The next warmth here looks like a week from this Sat (50Fs). Even 50F though might not melt a foot this time of year. Might need warmth mixed with some warm rain.

My brother sent me pics from his trail cam an hour north of here … 5 cubs with one mom. Told me the DNR is seeing big litters this year in Wisconsin.



With forecast highs in the 20s and lows in the teens and single digits, I fear this snowpack is here to stay for quite awhile. After this kind of snowfall and those kinds of temps, it will take a week of sunny 50s to get bare ground.


Mid October 1986 you all had snow…on Oct 17 it had melted, but still like to have froze my a$$ off! (At Wisconsin Dells).


I lived south of the Dells about 40 minutes in '86. I remember bow hunting in snow a number of times in the 80s, 90s, and 00s (in October). That snow would last a day or three and be gone. It was also a couple of inches, not a foot and a half :wink:


Damn, reading these snow and cold posts’ are crazy. We had a 101° here 2 days this week. And its already 65° here at 8:46AM.

Crazy temp swings east/west.


Eighty here today…possibly the last 80 degree day of 2020.

(And, yes, a foot of snow sounds record setting even for you guys.)


snow like that here, this time of year is usually here to stay. never warms back up enough to melt it.


At least on the NAEFS the core of the cold should shift north of you over E Canada early November. You can start working on that 200 inch record snowfall :wink:


A beautiful day in the low 60s here…getting lots of outdoor work done. Spreading pine bark mulch on the blueberries right now. We’ll see if I can get all 10 rows done before “winter”. October has been pretty nice here this year…actually better than September in some ways.


Very nice. Normally October is one of the better months of the year for temps but this isn’t one of them.

40F in La Crosse and 78F in Chicago right now. Big time warm front to the southeast. St Louis is sitting at 85F.


Denver is showing 66F Saturday and 8F Sunday night. This next cold shot looks like something that would come down in January.

Snow from N Texas to N Missouri


raining hard here. glad it isn’t snow!


Glad that we are on the warm side of this thing…for now.


The ground can totally take it. The Usual Places that have standing water aren’t even squishy.


I have about 2.75 inches in my water gauge, but i haven’t emptied it in a few weeks. Very light rain here the past 24 hours. Still a lot of leaves hanging on and still have flowers outside, but i think Monday will put an end to that.

Fairbanks, AK was -1F this morning… first subzero reading of the season. I’m guessing that is heading this way.


I think the pattern basically holds for the next 90 days.



Can you northerners please send us some 40s and 50s? The deer won’t even come out for the heat

Heavy fog too


thats our summer temps.!