How is your weather?


Over 12" of snow on the ground. If the preceding
rain had been snow, yikes!


we just finished a 48hr streak of over 50f! no snow left. had over a ft. before this happened. no more drought for sure. the st. john river is at spring level and not all the rain has made it downriver yet. we had nearly 3in. of rain in the last 3 days. if that was snow it would have been nearly 3ft!


We still have snow anywhere the sun isn’t reaching the snow.
Lexington KY seemed to have half inch more…and I’m guessing in Tennessee they only got a dusting except on mountaintops.


Wow! Grew up East of Cleve. It always snowed at Thanksgiving. It was like clockwork!


We had some fab fall weather this November, high 60’s, sun and no bugs. Gave me the push to do the garden clean up and prep I was putting off.


Just got our first real snow of the season. We ended up getting about 8 inches yesterday in Western PA. We had a dusting a few weeks ago but that wasn’t anything to get excited about.


Same here, @Anne. Took advantage of the beautiful days and help offered from my sons. “Mom, you arent getting any younger…”. “No, but Im not dead yet. Let me do it with you.”


Tornado and hail in December!? :dizzy_face:


A few cold nights here in Southern Ontario. iIt was down to -7C! last two days have been nice and sunny. Just slightly above freezing.

Greenhouse hit 20C today which is rare for December.


Nice. I’m trying to overwinter plants in my basement but even with grow lights, its just too cool down there. I’m going to move everything back upstairs.

Hit 52F yesterday. No snow in weeks. Extended shows nothing. Pretty much dry thru the end of December…mild continues–lots of 30fs and maybe 40Fs. Still no single digits (i think our lowest so far is around 16F). This has got to be one of the driest stretches i can remember.


@warmwxrules, I see you are in 4. Where is your location? We had a couple of cold nights in the 20s recently in 6B.


southwest WI.

We were above 50F this afternoon. Too bad the days are so short this time of year.


At 61 I sprayed some weed killer (weed not grass). We’ll see if enough sun to make it work. Friday supposed to be 62 or 63.


Here in Port Orchard Washington
Dry in the high 30s.
Typical December weather, though a bit dryer.


Same dry and high 30’s here, teens at night. Unusual for the eastern slope of the Divide this time of year. I think Farmer’s Almanac is saying not a lot of snow this year.


We got an inch of rain last week - enough to keep the drought at bay for a while

They Said it would snow, but too warm


57 today. Overcast and drizzly. Need Sun!


Very dry here. Just a trace of precip this month. Shows a warm up early next week into the upper 40Fs. I might need to water some of my potted trees before moving them into the garage. I haven’t checked, but i’m pretty sure the ground is frozen at this point.


Been drizzling here in Kentucky for about 12 hours now. Just above the sleet/snow temperatures that the Cincinnati area had this morning. I saw much of North Carolina also has flurries and sleet turning to drizzle.


WeatherNation no Twitter: "A confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado is is moving NE at 35mph near Tampa FL. Take shelter immediately! Tornado warning goes until 4:45PM #FLwx #TornadoWarning" / Twitter