How leafed out can a peach tree be when grafting?

So peaches love heat when it comes to callusing. I have some quality peach and nectarine wood I want to “dormant graft”. I know many people prefer summer bidding for peach but I have good wood now and want to use. Temps here have reached 70’s but not consistantly. I’d prefer to wait until temps are mid to high 70’s but I think my trees will be in full leaf by then. Is that too late to graft? Will be mainly omega grafts or cleft grafts.

I am no expert but I grafted my peach last spring and the tree was leafed out. Here is a photo of the graft, I the back ground, out of focus is a limb on the other half of this tree.

I show I took that may third last spring, two of the grafts on that stump took and this is what they looked like by end of summer


Thanks for sharing. I am thinking about doing some peach cleft grafting this spring. I heard the take rate is low so I am kind of hesitated.

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Thanks that’s good to know. I will hold off until the temps look good regardless of how much leaf there is. I’ll focus on grafting apples and pears first. Then plums and cherries and end with peach. Going to try apricot on plum too but that’s a whole different beast.

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I bark grafted those, at first it looked like all four would take but two died. I thought it would be very warm but we had a wet cool spring last year and that may have also been a factor.

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