How long can scion wood last outside refrigerator?

I have exchanged scion sticks of persimmons with a member here and unfortunately the sticks I’ve been expecting all week never showed up. By the time they get here they’ll have been in transit roughly 2 weeks. They were packed with damp cloth and sealed, not sure if bleached or not. Best case scenario, are they OK? Worst case scenario, could some still be ok? Should I dunk them and refrigerate them upon arrival?


I don’t know specificaly about persimmon.

But if had other scions (apricot apple etc) be in transit for 2 weeks. They all seemed fine.
I am not that big of a fan of the damp cloth. This might invite fungus growth. I usualy just let the scions air dry if they are wet. And then put them in an airtight freeze (thicker) plastick bag. And roll out all the air. that way the scions are dry-ish on the outside. So don’t rot/fungus. But have enough moisture inside. And don’t loose any moisture.

I would put them in the fridge upon arrival.

If you have your rootstock in a pot, and have acces to a (heated) greenhouse. You could “force” (wake up by giving it more heat) your rootstocks.

That way, if your scions are breaking bud. You can graft em straight away on an already “awake” rootstock. This does however mean you will have to keep that rootstock and graft frost free till your last frost.

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After doing about 145 apple grafts…I left the extra scions in the shade. They are still there.
and a few are still viable I think a month later.