How long for a 4-5' improved pecan to start producing pecans?

I have ordered a Caddo and a Kanza pecan from Womacks nursery. The largest they can ship are 4-5’ and I am wondering how long until they start actually producing pecans? I am guessing 5 or so years, but cannot find any information on Texas A&M’s pecan documentation on how long an improved pecan takes to start producing. Also, any recommendations on how much space I should give my pecan trees, is 20 feet enough space between the two trees?

I just read an LSU Ag article stating anywhere from 6-10 years depending on precocity of the variety.

You should get a few nuts in 5-6 yrs. Space them out 40ft if you have the room.

I got exactly one nut on my third year Caddo this summer. My other pecans are older and have not given me any nuts yet.

I have the room to space them 40’, that is what I will do. Thanks. Do you think these improved pecans will be much more maintenance than the native? I do not have commercial expectations at all. I just want large, long-lived trees for my backyard that will produce pecans every year virtually maintenance free (when I write that out it seems like I am asking for a lot :wink:

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How was the taste, and was it filled?

How tall is your 3rd year Caddo and how tall are the others?

Charlie, it wasn’t much of a nut, but the really early ones don’t mean much. It was fully sized but did not fill well. The Caddo is about 5’ tall. Also its 2nd-year, not 3rd year. The Kanza is 5 years old, it would be 12+’ but I cut it way back - its planted right next to the Caddo as I have room for one tree only so am growing a “Y” shaped tree of two varieties. The main purpose of the Caddo is to pollinate the Kanza.

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Scott, that should make for an interesting tree. Thanks for the follow up.

Curious on your Caddo and Kanza? 3rd year now. How they doing?

I don’t do anything with my pecan trees and they are loaded every year. Though my big one is probably around 75 years old. It was planted when the house was first built. Some years I will hook up a pump sprayer to the tractor and spray them with Zinc. They really seem to produce then. My youngest tree is probably around 7-8 and is finally starting to produce good

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