How much cow manure is enough for soil enrichment?

Hello all:

I have the chance to have access to fresh or composted cow manure as much as I want. Usually I put fresh cow manure around early November in order not to «wake up» the trees during hardening. With a lot of snow and a lot of below 0 F winter days I believe no harm has been done up to now. Most of my trees are 6 years old and I wonder how much manure I could put next to the trees in order not to kill them with over fertilizing? A bit difficult to be exact but I believe I put about 3 or 4 pounds of manure per tree. Thanks! Marc

I do the same, grab a wheelbarrow full from the feed bunk. I’ve never really measured just give each tree a couple of shovels worth, sometimes more. Flung over them until it looks right.
They do well with it. It’s also what the commercial orchards use in the fall here.

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Doesn’t sound like much manure to me. You don’t say how big the trees are and that would matter.

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The thickness of one dime evenly spread is the equivalent to ten tons per acre. Of cattle manure most farmers won’t exceed that rate because of salt buildup. Dairy manure can go as high as twenty tons without as much worry. Incorporated into the soil within twenty four hours, the 10 ton rate yields approximately a 20-20-20 analysis per ton. if not incorporated, goodbye nitrogen.