How much sun do strawberries need?

Hi everyone,

I have a shady patch that I thought would be perfect for growing alpine strawberries. I went to the local nursery to pick up a few starts and saw that the label says full sun. How much sun do strawberries need anyways? Or rather what type s the least amount of sun I could get away with? Zone 8b Seattle.

P.S. I have only grown a couple of strawberry plants in pots last year. They were in part sun.

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If fruit is the goal, shaded, cool plants will attract fewer pollinating insects.

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I have a raised bed… food forest bed 90 ft long…

It runs east west…

It has several fruit trees, bushes and lots of raspberries in it…

The south side of the bed gets lots of sun and slopes to the south… but the north side not so much sun and slopes away from the sun.

Initally… i planted strawberries on the sunny south side and north…

After the first season… it was obvious… they all needed to be on the south side. Once dormant that winter I moved the ones on the north side… to the south side.

Here in TN z7b… strawberries need sunshine… and full sun for best growth and fuiting.

I was growing regular strawberries (surecrop, eversweet) … not alpines.

Good luck to you !


regular straws need full sun. alpines can grow and fruit in part sun but they arent as productive. min. 6hrs of full sun or more is best.