How reliable is Blenheim apricot in the lowest chill areas of coastal Southern California?

I was talking to an influential nurseryman who asked the question of Blenheim’s performance in Southern California coastal areas. I have great success in inland areas. It fruits every year without fail.

For those who have grown Blenheim in coastal areas of San Diego, Orange County, or LA, say in the 100 chill hours range, how often does it fruit for you? I have heard anecdotes of it even fruiting reliably on Coronado island. But I have also heard of inconsistency in Orange County coastal areas. Does anyone have experience in 100 hour areas? @Sean @brownmola

Thank you for sharing!

A friend in Redondo Beach, about 6 miles inland, planted one a few years ago and has gotten a couple of handfuls of Blenheim for the past year or so.

This winter has seen more chill hours and with his tree growing, perhaps will set more fruit.

Ed Laivo told me give it about 5 years to acclimate to my area…5 miles from Venice Beach, and it’s possible to a small set of fruit if I get a lucky tree that grows down in L.A.

I may pot one this year. I understand potting will restrict growth and in time limit the amount of fruits but I don’t have the space or the need for hundreds of apricots. If I can get a fruit set of 50 apricots a year in my pots, I might gamble.

50 apricots is about 1/4 bushel. I would shoot for 200 or more a year minimum for a casual hobby. I am getting 74 sweet lemons off my New Zealand lemonade tree this winter. I will consider this tree a hobby tree when I am topping 150 lemons each winter. 600 lemons a year would be a small food source for us.

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