How should fruit farmers choose fruit bags

Nowadays, there are many fruit bag styles on the market, such as various colors, single and double layers, steel wire, micro hole and so on.
If you don’t know much about fruit bagging, then the selection may be more complicated.
So briefly introduce the tips for choosing fruit bags:

  1. Water the outer bag, if there are water beads on the paper, then the outer bag waterproof performance is good.

  2. Cover the boiled water with a fruit bag. If the surface of the paper bag can emit steam, it means that the paper bag has good breathability.

  3. Soak the fruit bag in water and try rubbing the paper bag. If it doesn’t crack and returns to its original shape after drying, that means the paper of this fruit bag is good.

  4. Some of the most basic requirements can not be missing, for example, the top steel wire makes the installation easier, the opening of the fruit bag mouth, the easy tearing line, the hydrophobic hole at the bottom of the bag, etc.

  5. According to the production target, economic ability to choose the fruit bag reasonably. If it is the production of high-grade export fruit, it is recommended to use good quality imported double-layer fruit bag. If it is for domestic sale, you can also contact a few domestic double-layer fruit bags to try.

  6. Plastic film bags and newspaper-based bagging should be avoided as far as possible.

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#6 Especially if it’s printed in Chinese?

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It’s just that newspapers are used more often in China :joy:
But in recent years, it has gradually been eliminated.

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