How soon can grafted citrus trees bloom

I know this has been addressed before but I could not find the thread.
I.have heard the question many times; How soon can grafted citrus trees start blooming. I was visiting my friends nursery yesterday and saw these. One 48 days after graft the other 49 days. Ruby Red grapefruit and a blood orange, I forget which variety.

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I T-Budded a poncirus trifoliata to Seville sour orange and the first growth was a flower bud to full bloom. I broke it off then a foliage bud began to grow.

It depends on the citrus is the thing. A mandarin May take 5 years while a lime may take 1-2. Also it is not really a question of when does it flower but when does it produce. Satsumas will not taste to their true great taste for years even with flowering. Also it may produce fruit but it may only produce so little fruit that it does not matter much.

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All my New Zealand lemonade trees flowered late within the first year. Both my fukushu kumquat trees have not flowered since grafting August 2020. My valentine pomelo took 3 years to flower and 4 years for 1 fruit.

Have you tasted the New Zealand lemonade yet? I have a couple of trees , but not big enough to let fruit yet. they sound really good from the description , but i have never tasted one. My Sanbokan lemon I left one fruit on both of my trees this year, both were very , very good.