How soon do you start spraying peaches and nectarines?

I lost all my fruit last year due to insects. I did start using the recommended pesticides, but by that time it was too late. This year, I don’t have many fruit that set, but I’m going to try and do it properly. They’re only the size of peas right now, so I’ll have to wait a bit until I can bag them. I noticed some of the pteaches already have holes in them. Should I start hitting the whole tree with pesticides now and just keep it up all summer till harvest? Very pest heavy area here.
By the way, extremely poor fruit set on my two nectarine trees. Out of hundreds of blossoms, it looks like maybe less than a half a dozen on each tree. My new cherry plum hybrid next to them is the same. The Peachtree had almost everything set, but there’s almost nothing due to a massive prune job last year.

I generally start spraying at shuck split for prunus. The shuck offers some protection against PC and stink bug. Here, once prunus are out of the shuck insect pests really start to work on them.


OK thanks again Olpea. Sounds like I should start hitting the spray now. There are stink bugs and moths everywhere here.