How tall is your pear grafted on apple rootstock in a year?

I have an apple root stock that is 3/4 inch in diameter. It’s about 5 to 6 years old. I grafted a pear onto it this Spring. It’s grafted very low. It’s not even a year yet, but the pear has grown really tall. It’s as tall as me now. It’s over 5 feet tall. Is this the norm for a pear to grow that tall in a year? i"m happy either way, as it’s my most successful graft this year.

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Kieffer and imp Kieffer grafted to wild callery
Both have shoots around 6 ft long.

This JT02 persimmon was grafted this spring and the central leader shoot is 9 ft 3 in long now.
I have several persimmon grafts to wild dv… that have put on 6 ft or more of growth so far.

We have at least 2.5 more months of good growing season left here.

This WS8-10 persimmon has gone over 6 ft… and it was grafted onto my smallest rootstock 1/4 small sapling.

Nice looking trees. Was every tree grafted this year? Your Persimmon is a beast. 9 ft tall in a year is outstanding. Now, if we can get fruit next year.

I grafted my tree in late Spring and in the 80 -90 degree weather. It’s now growing everyday and I have to use the bed cover to protect the young leaves. Our temp is mostly over 100 degree in the Summer.

@smilemore … yes all grafted at appropriate time this spring.

I transplanted the wild callery seedlings early January… they were in the edge of my woods and i moved them to nice locations out in my field. They started pushing new leaves late Feb…and i grafted them then.

The persimmon seedlings did not bud out and push leaves until later. … early April. I grafted them once they started pushing leaves.

Here is the grafts on my pears from this spring.

Modified cleft and bark…

I grew these two persimmons from seed last year… and planted them out in my field early spring.

One was quite a bit larger than the other.

I did whip/tounge grafts of kassandra to the larger one… and nakittas gift to the smaller one.

Below is what they looked like yesterday.

Kassandra is huge… but Nakittas Gift is doing well to… just smaller.

Euro pear (urbaniste) on crabapple (top graft)

no interstem and we’ll see what happens


this was grafted 2.5 months ago

I don’t use interstem either. It has beautiful big long leaves and it’s doing great. Still has the grafting material on the bottom, but I unwrapped the other part of the graft because it was steaming in there and it caused the bacteria to grow. I have to support it with some sticks as it can’t support the growth. One time the wind, just blown it down. So, it’s important to protect the graft. Plan to unwrap the graft completely in Fall. It will be amazing once there is fruit on the tree.

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