How to: Bark Grafting & Flap Grafting

For you guys…

Thanks for your shared experience on this forum.

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Lastly, this method seems to be best for "long-term, “temporary…” it may stay on there for 3-5 years with electrical tape, alone. Deer aren’t as “anxious” to chew on tags taped to trees vs. those wrapped around branche(s)…

These are cheap and last 2-3 years if you use the loop. You know, I’m only using what I can find quickly + be able to afford, like most anybody.

Good luck in your own-selection… these work just-fine, for, me… Dax.


Nice work!

I’ve been for some period of time… intending to…


Hey Dax! Beautiful work - thanks so much for taking the time. Very nice job of demonstrating real life in the field work.

Made me remember your earlier post, and I’m going to take the liberty of linking to it now:

Thanks for all you do and share.



Interesting project.

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They all grafted very-well. One of them grew about 8’. Two about 18" and a fourth around 3 feet.