How to choose scaffold branches on Apricot?

I have a Robada Apricot from Stark Bro. that was planted in spring 2014. Last year it grew well, many long, strong branches. The tree was pre-trimmed with good branch angles by the nursery. My choice of scaffold should be easy right? but wait… the new growth from pre-trimmed branch did not grow as well (about 4") compare to the one directly grow from it main trunk (24"+ and thicker too). Now, should I still use these pre-trimmed branches as my scaffold or should I prune off these pre-trimmed branches and choose the newly grew branches? ?

Another question, what is best style for apricot? I read some said open center, about 3-4 scaffold branches; some said semi central lead, I assume this means let it grow upright and some scaffold goes to the sides?

I’d choose the strongest branches. A tree doesn’t always grow where we’d like so best adapt. A picture would help. Is the branch angle good on new shoots?

Out here form doesn’t matter much, lots of sun and dry. In a more humid climate I’d probably go open center.

Thanks, Fruitnut. I read in the past from GW that you rated Robada highly. Here is the picture. I went out other day to prune the trees. But came back with none branches was pruned。Some, I can’t decide which branches to cut, which to keep; some, branches that need to be cut has flower buds on, waiting for it to bloom for the first time, every single flower buds is precious.

Given your sentiments don’t prune it at all until after harvest. Then revisit the question.

If you are referring to the limb going right with about 4-6 inches old and same new small wood, that’s no candidate for a scaffold. It’s not going to grow well unless you cut off everything else and maybe not then. Choose branches with good crotch angles that are growing strongly.

Robada is a great tasting apricot. I hope you get a crop this year.

Fruitnut, Thanks again. understood. choose the stronger one with good crotch angles. just observation, that most Apricot branches want to grow out almost 90 degrees to the trunk, pick a wide crotch angle branches is not as hard as peach trees.