How to deal with rootstock with dead scion

My persimmons and jujube scion woods all died from last winter but the rootstock survived. Now many new branches spouted out. I am not sure what to do with those. Should I prune most of them leaving one or two? And for next year, I may try to graft, but should I used the main trunk of the old rootstock or the new branches from this year? If using the new branches, should I wait 1 more year? Sorry for so many newbie questions, any help is appreciated.


Not sure about persimmons or jujubes but if it were an apple or pear you could try “T Budding” or “Chip Budding” this summer.


You can call Cliff England at England Orchard to see if he still have some dormant Jujube and persimmon scions left in his frig. He sells them.


Thanks Tony.

Do you think it’s still OK to graft the trees at this time? I am a newbie in grafting and don’t want to kill the rootstocks. I want to let the root grow better this year and graft them next year as the first year the tree does not grow much.


Here are a few pictures of a failed cleft graft of mine. The gaft had spouts that were about 2 inches long and looking good but I think it got cooked in the sun. I assumed the graft was finished so I removed the tape and was going to cut the rootstock back but I then noticed the the scion was still green along with the rootstock. You can see the callus material filling the cleft graft. So for the hell of it I removed the wrinkled leaves and retaped the entire graft. I’m going to see if it resprouts again. If not it’s no big deal. I’ll try chip budding it in august or just wait until next spring to graft it again assuming the rootstock survives.