How to end dormancy after insufficient chill hours?

Hi, I live in Florida and spring is in full swing but I have a few fruit trees that are still dormant (goumi and select mulberries). I’m assuming these trees didn’t get enough chill hours to be happy. Is there any way I can force an end to the dormancy?

I think you’ll just have to wait. They’ll likely start growing at some point. With insufficient chilling it can take more heat units than normal to begin growing. I think everything requires some heat to come out of dormancy. With less chill it takes more heat.

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I believe that is related to cultivar and not chill hours.

They use Dormex (cyanamide) for that.

They use Dormex (cyanamide) for that

I looked this up and in addition to breaking dormancy in buds, researchers also successfully used it to eliminate the cold stratification period for grape seeds. Interesting stuff, thanks.

I don’t see many farm chemicals with a safety rating of “Poison” Dormex is one of them.