How to grow black Madeira Fig tree

I’m trying to grow a black Madeira Fig tree in Florida, but the leafes are looking down, kind of sad. I’ve gotten the baby tree about 1 week ago. Any ideas of how to make it healthy? I really want this to work

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Tell us about your soil mix.

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I’m thinking the same thing. That soil mix looks too heavy and wet. I prefer a light well drained mix.

Did you just up pot it into that mix?


I’m at work now and don’t remember the name of the soil mix I got, but it was wet when I bought it from Kmart. And yeah I put the plant in and adds more soil

I don’t grow figs in containers, so I can’t speak to what the ideal mix would be. I grow other things in pots and have found that drainage is very important. Your mix looks soggy which is not a good thing.

I just got a fig and it came in the mail, and looked that sad. I put it near a window, in the house till it recovered. It has the weakest palest leaves I have ever seen on a fig!
Here is my soil mix, and yeah Fruitnut and MrClint have it right, the soil needs perlite, or DE or something to give aeration. Mine has both. The black stuff is organic fertilizer. This plant needs food really bad! I make my own soil mix. The pine fines I got this year are running a little big, still works fine!

My fig mix and for any other potted tree looks about like yours.

I use only two mixes, for blueberries I only use peat and pine, this mix has pine, promix (instead of peat), diatomaceous earth the size of perlite, and compost to feed the plant, and stop root rot. The bacteria in compost will prevent root rot. I started using it after reading a study about it. Not that I have a root rot problems, but prevention works better for me than fighting a battle with some pathogen. Adds bacteria too to digest that organic fertilizer. I have yet to mulch this, I use pine needles from upper Michigan.


The ones I’ve rooted off my trees I’ve just put in regular miracle grow potting soil and gave them away. They seemed to do fine in it for a couple months until they get a chance to plant them out. Figs seem to be easy to grow in just about anything. If you let it dry out some I bet it will be fine.