How to Handle Dormant Kiwi Cuttings

Sean, from Edible Acres, talked about rooting hardy kiwi in this video:


Same principles being applied with a tall flat. You can root or grow a short seedling in a tall flat and then transfer them to the field or to a container to continue production. I’m sowing seeds in this one. Same principles: bottom heat, and a “greenhouse environment” to speed up things or create a humid-friendly environment to root hardwood cuttings. Surface sowing of very small seeds too, known as starting or sowing under glass. good luck, Dax.

Remove or Add feet to these Stuewe flats for convenient air-pruning of indoor or outside seed starting and/or propagation.

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@Caesar, I would not use soil, too many potential pests, and moisture levels would be hard to control. Use moist sawdust if you can’t get peat. Keep everything dormant until grafted. Wrap the graft with the medical tape tightly, but just enough to keep the union secure.

I seriously doubt you will get flowers on chinensis in PR. They need quite a bit of chill, typically >500 hours… Argutas need less chill, but you’re still looking at a couple of hundred hours minimum.

@Paul, can you provide us with more details like the range of temperatures, time of year, etc. Sounds promising if it can be replicated correctly.


An update to my situation:

After days of deliberation, procrastination and genuine busyness with other matters… I lost my patience and planted them today. No grafting, no bag for moisture, no sterile media… just cut off the lower tip, shave off some bark and apply rooting powder. Potted ‘em up, watered them and left ‘em on my raised bed. I wasn’t confident enough to graft and I was worried I’d end up losing both species, so I didn’t try it.

I’m not sure what my chances of success are, especially since I basically ignored the best advice. But I figured if I was gonna lose ‘em by wasting away in the fridge, I’d rather lose them by trying to plant them.

The male arguta was missing from the package, so I gotta contact GRIN for that. While I’m at it, I’ll ask about greenwood cuttings.

Thank you all for the advice, it was genuinely appreciated. I’ll keep you updated on all successes and failures.


Two of the chinensis varieties have started sprouting buds (haven’t checked for roots). The argutas have no visible sprouts.

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