How to kill bugs on Osmanthus fragrans bush leaves?

I have a Osmanthus fragrans tree which grew well 3 weeks ago. No it is bitten by some unknown bugs badly.
Two branches are shown here:

I did see a small larva (green color, soft) hidden in a curved leave once, but never see an adult bug on the plant.

How to protect my small Osmanthus fragrans tree?


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I’m guessing an insecticide such as Malathion (but not if the plant is in bloom due to killing bees)…but I’ve never seen any insects on osmanthus fragrans, personally.

It’s a super zone 8 plant…I’ve thought of trying it in zone 6, but it probably would croak.

how many years have you been growing it? where did you get it? Is some bug damage really a problem? leaves are to be eaten to a degree it will likely recover.

1st pic: There’s a grasshopper type bug on the leaf at ~9 o’clock. The leaf cuts looks like it was done by a critter with scissor-like mandibles. You can try neem oil sprayed on the leaves as a deterrant. Or spray with soap directly on the insect to kill it.

2nd pic: The new growth coming out being a bit yellow and shriveled would concern me more. If it was just potted maybe it’s adjusting.

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I bought it online in 2020 spring. It was only around 8 inches tall. I planted in a small pot and didn’t care about it enough. About two months ago, I transplanted to a bigger new pot. It looks like it has such an bug bitten experience in every spring.
Below picture was after the transplant. It is about one foot more high.

It was my hometown flower. It smells very nice! I’d care it better than ever now.

I saw more Osmanthus fragrans bushes than trees. This one is a bush indeed, not a tree.

Thank you and sockworth replying to my post.

Its a popular flavoring in Asian deserts.

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The insect mentioned above in the image#1 is a katydid.

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